love spells and results

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love spells and results
Post # 1
Hello all,
I have been casting since the age of 12 and have done MANY love spells in my day. I am currently considering doing another spell sometime in the early spring of next year to make sure the man I feel is my true love comes into my life. What I seek is marriage and a life long beautiful romance. This is actually the man who responded to my first ever "find me true love" spell at the age of 12 and now he has come back into my life at the age of 30. I really feel I am supposed to be with this man in the following year (there are obstacles right now but they wont last).
My question is:
Would you cast a spell or not cast a spell to make sure this comes to be? Would it have an undesired effect on something that may already reside in his heart? Many love spells burn out within days or weeks of reaching their goal and I don't want this to happen and have him loose interest because I relied on magic to do the heavy lifting. What do you think? To cast or not to cast?
A draft of my ritual is below:
Light a green candle. Stuff a figure made of organic cotton with lavender and rose petals. Write his name on the figure, symbols that mean something, draw a content look on his face. Take a pink ribbon and tie a green emerald stone around his chest. Rehearse my chant and kiss it 7 times.
That's about as far as I have gotten.... there is still more to be developed and suggestions are welcomed.
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Re: love spells and results
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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