Christians and Others

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Christians and Others
Post # 1
Well i know this name brings out anger and rage in many. But I was once Christian and saw the views of Christian to then i left to follow my path. I would personally like to apologize if you have been hated or hurt by ignorant closed minded people who claim to be "Real" "Christians". Yes many people who claim to be christian are very hateful to those who are different from them but these are the kind that follows the views of there preachers and not the views of Love. I am for one very open minded Raised Christian but i love and appreciate many views like Norse,Buddhist and Native American. So i'm sorry but not all us are ignorant and close minded So please don't Hate Automatically because I'm Labeled Christian Many yet few of us are very Open and Close minded and I Don't Push my Views On Any. Yes Even Satanist I have had Interesting and awesome conversations with some. Why because I always like to see the both sides of things. So personally when the next Christians Shutters and gives you mean looks are rude remarks "Son of heathens and Pagans!!!" Ignore them they are Brainwashed and have No true View of the world and love for all of Creation. We were all born into this world equally with choices and lives we choose to follow or not. Be free Let not hate burn in you. Peace to all. Blessed be.

Re: Christians and Others
Post # 2
that was very sweet of you many of us were once Christians to i suffered a lot from them i don't believe Christians are bad ore anything of the sort the church is where many people have issues inducing my self but thank you this was very sweet.

Re: Christians and Others
Post # 3
I was raised Christian, everyone I've ever known irl has been Christian to my knowledge, and I still consider myself Christian. If anything the older I get the stronger my faith has become as it wasn't very present in my childhood despite my Christian environment. I have met many wonderful people of various faiths or lack thereof and I also appreciate many aspects of various cultures/religions. In the end it's true that some Christians are not very tolerant of others and that's disappointing. Thankfully not all Christians are that way.

Re: Christians and Others
Post # 4

I essentailly go with the saying in whichMahatma Gandhi; "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are very different from your Christ."

No, not every Christian is spiteful or hateful, however, in my personal experience they have been. They scream and preach that everyone else is wrong and that their way is the only way. They condemn others due to having a differemce of opinion and it's not right. Though, I do my best to not write someone off based by their relogious chosing, however, I do have that in the back of mind of the majority in which I have encountered are like so "I ramain silent and observe" - Queen Elizabeth I.

Re: Christians and Others
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Christians are people like you and me, there believes are just as important as you and everyone , maybe this just a personal promblem?

Re: Christians and Others
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
My point is any religion can cause promblems satinism Wicca buddism , what I do is try to learn from each religion and try to decide which belief is best for me, personal opinion can be debated but faith is yours

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