how can shifting not be

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how can shifting not be
Post # 1
I don't mean to sound like fluff but how can shifting not be real some of the gods and goddesses did it like zues and zues also changed io's form from a lovely maiden into a fat old woman so why isn't it possible for us to shift
And just because no one has seen or herd of someone shifting doesn't mean that it can't be real

Please no hate comments it was just a though that I though I should let people know about

Re: how can shifting not be
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Spiritual entities can shift appearance because they actually have no set physical body. They do not have an energetic rather than a physical form. That's what happens in the myths when deities change their shape.

But us puny mortals do have a physical body and a specific set of DNA that determine our physical shape. We do not have the ability to change that shape or to alter our DNA through the use of spells or magic.

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 3

You've pretty much only given examples of gods changing shape. Which is kind of the answer to your own question.

Gods= All powerful beings that can bend the rules of science in their respective mythos

Humans= Bound by a unique dna that forbids the possibility of changing a physical form.

Re: how can shifting not be
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Arren, you are quoting ancient Greek myths! Some people still believe that the myths are really true.But they are myths! Wonderful tales, but in my opinion just that; tales!

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 5
Many of the Ancient Greeks would have read the myths as metaphorical tales presenting metaphorical truths about the natural world and the psyche of humanity.

Gods are not physical beings, and so any activity they supposedly did in the physical world clearly is not true. Some will disagree with me on that, but I urge them to look at history, science, and metaphysical theory.

As Lark said, spiritual beings, that is, beings not confined by matter can shift their appearance, or rather, perhaps it is our perception which shifts; or a mixture of the two.

It is scientifically/biologically impossible for a human to physically shift into another animal. Magical practices cannot defy the natural laws.

This said, some folk shift their forms on the astral, there are many magical practicies in which you change your astral and etheric body into something other than your own, sometimes this can be a minor form of invocation. But, the subtle body is subjective and no one would know, your physical body will always be human. You cannot change that with any amount of wishful thinking.

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 6
Yes but zues changed a human woman from a lovely maiden to a fat old lady so that Hera wouldn't find out and punish her and I do believe that they happened

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 7
If it did happen the story has been elaborated... But some stories in mythology are myths for a reason..

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 8
Yes I'm sure he did its called age! See the thing with stories is they comprised of long periods of time. You read the story and you automatically assume the change happened in a second! Maybe it did maybe it didn't. That still doesn't mean that we as humans have that ability and we don't with good reason! If everybody in the world were beautiful and dazzling well we just would be able to appreciate ugly anymore!

Re: how can shifting not be
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Anyone can believe anything they wish to believe. But a belief does not make it true! If you want to know about Greek Gods, read Homer. He was a blind poet, and he "blended" actual events with Gods and Goddesses. But the Gods and Goddesses were "beliefs"; not reality.

Re: how can shifting not be
Post # 10
I am a pantheon and I do believe that they are real and still out there just watching and I also believe that shifting is real report me for saying that but I think that its possible but just because no ones seen or heard of it happening dousnt make it any less real than you and me maybe its not but till there's proof I can't say no to it

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