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Misc. Questions...
Post # 1
Hi i just have a couple of questions regaurding different things. i didnt really want to make multiple forum posts for different questions so i hope here is fine.

1. Are those Chakra Tests valid? Do they give correct results?

2. Is it good that my Chakras were already active without me doing anything? Because i took one of those Chakra tests, (the reason why i asked the above question), and it said that all of them were active. (except one was a bit under-active)

3. I heard from somewhere that Angels are bad or annoying? And if so then what would the Good Beings be, Just Spirits, or Good Spirits?

If anyone could answer any of these, id Greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Misc. Questions...
Post # 2

In my opinion, I'd say they are not in anyway accurate.

1 and 2: They base results on what you answer for each one, it has no ability to see or 'rate' charkras.

3. Angels are like humans in the sense that some are good and others are not. This goes for all other 'spirit creatures' (I had no idea what to call them)

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Re: Misc. Questions...
Post # 3

Are the chakra tests valid?

Assuming you mean the online chakra tests, I'll have to say no. Chakras are essentially energy and you can't reallyhave your energy read from a test online. Well, you can but the results are rarely accurate.

Is it good you have active Chakras?

If you did an online Chakra test, you might not know if your Chakras are actually actve or inactive. If you do have active Chakras, that's not bad. Some people can advance quicker and understand things more easily. Having active and open Chakras isn't anything to worry about and some people's Chakras are like that right off the bat.

Negative Spirits/Deities?

Different spirts hae different personalities. One Angel can be insghtful ad helpful where anoter one can be malevolent and angry. It's hard to say exactly hw each spirit wll act. Everyne has their own experiences with them.

- Praecantatio

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