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Post # 1
Hello , I'm new here. And I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety since last year. I would get random panic attacks anywhere , meditating would always help me calm down a lot and I used to take anti depressant pills. But now , none of them would work .. I've told my therapist/psychologist about this and he gave me stronger anti depressant pills and left just like that. The pills didn't really calm me down as much .. I was wondering is there's a chant or spell that would help me feel calm ..? Thank you all ^_^
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Re: Anxiety&Depression
Post # 2

I'm sorry to hear that you're having some troubles.

Have you tried centering exercises? This would be a good way to harness the energy you feel when anxious, it balances you physically. When having panic attacks, it's also quite important to remember breathing techniques.

It may also be beneficial for you to carry/find a way to wear some hematite stones? The energy is very calming. Of course, clear quartz can be used for near enough anything, and pretty much any 'heavy' metallic based stones are good for grounding and centering. As far as chants go, you could always make up your own.

Good luck!

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Re: Anxiety&Depression
By: / Novice
Post # 3
In many cases when it comes to people that has evolved to the point where their opening for their 'spiritual' spiritual gifts (even some that don't. it can be a active but subliminal ability) or something connect to past life's here, or in many cases 'out there' that can give one troubles that would putt one in a state of anxiety and depression.
tho to find out if there might be something like that is not always easy.
Also in many cases the medical INDUSTRY (its just wrong to call it that, tho it say it all tho) don't want to cure, there isn't money in healthy people.
BTW. is it your eye in your profile pic? ( 'reading/scanning' purposes' )

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Re: Anxiety&Depression
Post # 4
you have to get to the root of whats causing your anxiety. Identify your triggers.
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Re: Anxiety&Depression
Post # 5
I'll try , thanks for the advice ^_^ !

I usually get panic attacks when I'm in a crowded place or when people gang up against me. But , I get panic attacks frequently anytime , anywhere ..

No that's not my eye in the photo .
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Re: Anxiety&Depression
Post # 6
You can create your own "auditory sigil" from an affirmation or statement of will. You take or create a phrase expressing what you want. For example: "I am safe and everything is okay." Write it out and delete all of the repeated letters. So this sentence will become:


IAMSFENDVRYTHGOK and then rearrange the letters into a word or phrase that sounds good to you. This could become

SMO'KYF GRIVNA DEHT (or any other combination of the letters) and chant this like a mantra when you feel an onset of anxiety.

You could do this process with a whole prayer or passage, song, whatever, that you like.

But, some well-known ones are the OM mantra, Metta mantra, Great Compassion mantra. Or recite the chakra seed mantras.
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