Gender !!

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Gender !!
Post # 1
I've decided to post this in another thread since my comment might be buried very far in the last one. I think it's very important because I have met a lot of people on here who tend to be questioning, and also I feel the need for people to learn and accept! Please feel free to add on.

"Uhm! I know people have posted quite a lot on this but I'd really appreciate if people read what I am going to say!

The gender you are assigned at birth does not have to be your gender,, your body does not define you in any way, although it is more socially accepted that you relate your body to your gender!

But that shouldn't stop you from being who you are,, gender is so fluid and beautiful and you can choose to express it any way you want.

I'd like to point out that "hermaphrodite" and "cross dressing" are very outdated terms. Someone who doesn't follow gender norms or is a gender on conformist would be called "nonbinary".
And I'm pretty sure the term hermaphrodite would now be "intersex".

Also reflecting again that you are not your genitalia,, genitalia is only for doctors and sexual partners in a way, and the term man and woman are only for your health. You don't have to conform to this in any way, you can dress however you please, or act however you please.

You don't even have to choose to be a man or a woman, you could be both or neither! Or all three if you feel that it changes for you.

I can't think of much more to say but I realize how hard it is for people to understand, or for people to accept themselves,, but what really matters is that you are happy and feel safe in your own body. You are so important and loved. You don't need to tell anyone what is in your pants, you don't need to explain why you dress a certain way or feel a certain way. If you decide to look a certain way and take on pronouns that don't seem to fit a binary, you are still who you are.

But also please remember to stay safe and healthy, especially if you bind your chest or plan on transitioning."

Re: Gender !!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Take a good look at the title and heading of this on-line site. And then tell me what this site has to do with gender,sexual orientation, or sexual practices.
And, I do not mean to insult you, but you are wrong about the gender you are born with. You are born with a set of genes from your parents; XY male, XX female. Even surgery cannot change that!. How you deal with sexual matters after birth is a different matter!

Re: Gender !!
Post # 3

This site is about magic. However not all magic revolves around spells, rituals, beliefs, etc. There's a hint of magic in even the smallest of things.

Certainly one could say, in a sense, that there's magic in being comfortable in your own skin and truly happy in life. There's never a wrong time or place to bring understanding to those who may be questioning/confused; To let them know that they can be who they are and that there are those who will not judge them for it.

I personally think this was an excellent topic to share. Well done.

Re: Gender !!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Of course there is magic in sex! The whole of Nature is about sex. But that is not what the OP is saying! He is a schoolboy writing about sexual orientation, not the magic of sex.

Re: Gender !!
Post # 5

With all do respect, you seem to have completely misunderstood what I was saying. Also, it seems that Jaze was explaining how one may view/identify themselves rather than who they're attracted to.

Sexual orientation and gender-identity are not the same thing. They are two separate topics.

Re: Gender !!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Jaze wrote " Your gender at birth doesn't have to mean your gender-". Yes, it does! And that's what I am saying. Sex orientation is not the same thing! The first man who became surgically changed into a woman was April Ashley. I have met April, and a nicer woman you could not meet. But,genetically, that of her DNA, she is masculine.

Re: Gender !!
Post # 7
I have to respect everyone here. No offence or disrespect. Yes its important not to judge people about their gender but i am slightly confused about why it is being posted here? Is there a question that i could not make out?

Re: Gender !!
Post # 8
I do also agree when you are born a male or female that is your gender, you may not feel comfortable pr want to be that gender but personally i think thats more mentally than physical, although i have no idea what it is like to be in that position personally. Whatever makes that person comfortable and happy.

Re: Gender !!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
Yes,it can be very confusing. But,as has been said many times on this site, you cannot change your DNA. I mentioned the case of April Askley; I remember the court case very well! It must have been very traumatic for her. The court decided that "legally" she was a woman. However, she could never reproduce, because she was "genetically" still a man. April was married twice, and still lives with her second husband.The thread is here because the first post was about "sexual" magic.

Re: Gender !!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
April Ashley, not Askley.

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