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Post # 1
Is anybody else infatuated with synchronicities? Have you experienced any type of "glitch?" as I like to call them. Ive had many and I love them, I love how they make me feel when it happens.
It seems to raise my frequencies for that moment and allow more to occur. I will post more about these, ive even created a game for myself that makes white vans appear. Anyways, heres a story to one of the glitches that has me stirred up in the mind. I will make it short.

It happened when I was with a friend outside a gas station, there was a song playing sounded like country type and it was pretty chill so I listened to it carefully.. "please answer the phone baby" was the key statement for this story because seconds after the singer sang that the public phone rang. My friend wasnt paying attention to the song but he certainly tripped about the phone ringing. So I answered the phone, it was a lady claiming someone called her from that number, I told her it was a public phone and maybe someone was trying to reach her through it. She asked where was the phone located, after I told her she instantly knew where this was because she used to live next to this gas station. She described the house to me it was a small green house with white edges and a white broken down picket fence. The house was vacant so my friend and I decided to go in through the back. Surprisingly the backdoor was unlocked. There was a mess all around and it smelled funny. There was pictures in a room that looked like it was burned by some hobos that were trying to start a fire to stay warm.
I grabbed a picture of a blonde girl with blue eyes that got my attention, I flipped it around and on that back it read
"We met in a gas station and fell in love in a circus, thanks for your company this love is on purpose"

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Re: GlitchesInTheMatrix
Post # 2
that sounds like role play, or is just completely insane.
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