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I have a question
Post # 1
On friendship spells. I'm kind of confused on some of them because they say they can be used to attract lovers and that's not what I'm after. I have this ex friend that I'd like to be friends with again. I remember all the good times I had with them and I can't find a spell that will help aid in contact with her. Maybe it's me being selfish here, but I can't let it go. If there is someone out their who has tried a friendship spell like that in the past, could you link some? Sorry I hope I'm posting this in the right section.

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Re: I have a question
Post # 2
I don't recommend using spells from the internet because nearly all are fake, not tested or made up within a minute.
The best way to rebuild a friendship is without magic and actually talking to the person. Using a spell to make someone friends with you isn't the real thing and will fall apart very quickly leaving you in a worse situation.
I'm not going to post how to rebuild a friendship because I'm sure there are people who can explain that better than me but if you can't repair your friendship, it's best to let time deal with it and move on.
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Re: I have a question
Post # 3
Your life is a path. Many people will come and many will go. All have a purpose for being there! When their purpose is fulfilled they drift away. Sometimes it's for a little while sometimes it's forever! If your friend is designed to come back they will. But be warned. Time has a way of changing people and friendships. Even if you do get in touch with your old friend be mindful that you might just be opening a can of worms. In which case it's better to cherish the good times and move on. And here I'm advising from experience.
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