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Post # 1
Hi what is some paths or practices within magick, I will clarify to easy to tell:
1. Dragonic Magick
2. Learn to be wiccan
3. Practices to learn to curse within and without energy
4. Practicing manipulating ( controlling anergy and sensing it [ my energy, and sensing those with mind ] )
5. Creating physical and non-physical entity, both physical and non physical level entities,
6. Trapping spirits
7. Revoke and invoking ( necromancy, please suggest books to learn from those )
Please gave me something above.
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Re: Paths
Post # 2
These are not "paths". What are you trying to explain?
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Re: Paths
Post # 3
I am trying to get some practice names. I found some Norse Practices, useful, but I dont think that is what I need.
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Re: Paths
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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Re: Paths
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I'm not quite sure what you are asking for or trying to explain, but I can give you some examples of paths to look up.

There is Norse/Heathen which I think is what you mentioned not being for you.

There are also many various types of Wicca: Dianic, Georgian, Gardnerian, etc.

There is neo-druidry, Shamanism....there are alot of different paths and spiritual practices. Is this what you're looking for?
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Re: Paths
By: / Novice
Post # 6
1) the believe Dragons are astral and can be called on for guidance, wisedom, energy, and protection among others. They are not physical and you cannot rule one or have one as a pet.

2) Wicca is a religion, find some beginners books or read the pinned threads in the Wicca section for information. Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham are two authors who most begin with.

3) curses, like any spell, involves energy, you can't cure someone without energy. If you wanted a list of some pro-curse paths, it really depends on the person. Vodou for example isn't against curses, but this doesn't mean every Vodou practitioner curses people. [Though I will point out Wiccans almost never curse people as it is a form of harm and few Wiccans would support cursing someone even in self defense]

4) any path does this, it just takes practice. What exactly about energy work are you interested in?

5) you cannot create a physical being. Thought forms would be a type of energy manipulation I believe, otherwise look into astral projection.

6) while I've heard you can bind a spirit, I'm guessing you want to do something like catch it in a jar and order it around or gain power, either way, no.

7) I don't know anything about necromancy outside of it being a type of divination, so I can't really help you there.
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Re: Paths
Post # 7
Paths? Hmm more like types of magic. Even then, that isn't the proper placement!

Wicca is an earth based religion, focusing on a god, and goddess. All faces are one, all gods are one. Together they are the all.

There are many, many forms of Wicca, as said. Though not all should be considered. Celtic wicca, eclectic, Alexandrian, Gardnerian, to name a few.

Also hmm, when you say dragons? What sparks up in my mind is a powerful creature, that one awakes and summons. Not something you control! Honey, that is pure rubbish!

Next necromany is a form of divination. Not everyone is familiar, and you didn't explain it. At all.

Seems to me, you hardly know what magic is, or if so, your very confused. Wicca is a practice, Asatru, Norse paganism/heathenism, odinism can be an umbrella term for the Norse path.

Some good books are: Silver Ravenwolf, though she's biased. Lady Sabrina, offers great introductions! Um, a good basic spellbook is offered by Silja.

Honestly, check out the articles by any of the mods.
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Re: Paths
Post # 8
Well, from above it is asking ABOUT what do I need to learn about that 8 list, I dont know what do I need to learn for it. By the way thank you.
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Re: Paths
Post # 9
Well i would dragonic magic, is not real. Nor is anything that changes your hair/eyes/ect.

I would read AwakeTooLong's posts of: the basics, and the basics(expanded)
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Re: Paths
Post # 10
I already read that before,also i dont WANT to have tat magick , i willing to know about dragons, communicating with them and more.
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