"How-to" and the basics

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"How-to" and the basics
Post # 1
I'm completely new to basically everything magic and I figured this would be a good place to start. The problem is that a simple google search of "magic stuff" and spells and AP won't really suffice here; you don't know what's real and what's just fluff on the internet. Does anybody have a step-by-step guide or any advice for beginners? Thanks!
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Re: "How-to" and the basics
Post # 2
Well I think this link should help start you off

Also this question has been asked so many time that some people don't bother to answer anymore. So in the future it's best to have a specific subject and do your own research before hand (more than quick reads). Also please research SoM forums because there is a lot of helpful stuff in there.

For fluff from fact, just avoid thing that are too good to be true, cause a dramatic physical change or simply seem fake.
Hope this helped :)
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Re: "How-to" and the basics
By: / Novice
Post # 3
In forums you'll find a lot of info. If you have something specific, use the search bar. For beginner info, you can find it in forums/ General Info section. Read Starting Out and Basics Expanded. This should give you a beginning. Using common sense when looking at spells is well suggested. You can't change physical form, nor control elements (fire, water, etc.). Good luck and blessed be...
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Re: "How-to" and the basics
Post # 4
Hello there! Welcome to SoM. Here we are a fun living pagan site, that strives to learn all about magic and some religions. Since your new to this magic site, I will not repeat hopefully what others have said. However starting the basics is a must!!! In my opinion, these are the essentials to being able to understand magic. And as they say, knowledge is power. So if you want power, you must first have knowledge. So in my opinion I think theeee books will be extremely helpful to you. Like a lot! The Wiccan cookbook- By Jamie wood and Tara Seefeldt (sorry it's Wiccan, it truly isn't) The green book of shadows- Silja Mythology -Edith Hamlin is a good and easy source. Along with that, if your interested in any of the religions in this magic stuff? I would suggest looking at the oaths. Some best known paths are : Wicca, and Norse paganism (heathenry , odinism, Asatru) Here are some links for each, below. Welcome to heathenry -LokisDottr Asatru for beginners Main Wiccan posts So you want a teacher?-Lark Some Amazing beginner articles are by awake too long and stuff. The two best I think, are the following. The basics And The basics expanded Anyways I hope this helped!
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Re: "How-to" and the basics
Post # 5
My suggestion is the same as above to read the articles and forums on the site. Also, don't rush to join a path. You don't have to be a wiccan to use wiccan rituals or a satanist to work with demons. I like Norse folk magic, but some people wouldn't consider me a true pagan. Visualization, concentration, raising energy, meditation, casting a circle are all topics you want to read about and experiment with.
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