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Forums -> Misc Topics -> god/goddess?

Post # 1
Hi, im a begginer, i dont know my main god/goddess, and im pretty sure fire is my element, but how do i find my god/goddess?
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Re: god/goddess?
Post # 2
Not everyone has a god and goddess. I don't worship any deities myself. Some people have many gods and goddesses that they worship. You do not have to have strictly only 1 god and goddess. But if you do really want to find out if any deities are calling out to you, I suggest you study them. What gods and goddesses do you find interesting? They will call out to you.
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Re: god/goddess?
Post # 3
First off, we are all made up of the 4 main elements. Your not just a fire element, in some cases the element you think/say you have is really the most connected to you.

Secondly, i don't think i get what your saying. I do, but at the same time i find it hard to help you. It depends what your doing! There can be, just magic, or a religion that uses magic or gods: Wicca, Celtic/druidy. So in this case if your interested in the religion aspect, well here are some tips.

Most wiccans, tend to focus on the two main deities. The sun/horned god, and the moon/triple goddess.
The god of the sun can be any sun god, although Apollo, or Lugh is my preferance. The horned god can be Cernunnos, Dionysus, or pan, any pantheon has these. Some of te goddesses can be Brigid, Hecate, and Diana, ect.

Hope this helped, good luck.

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Re: god/goddess?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: god/goddess?
Post # 5

Craw, no. I'm making a correction. Dionysus cannot be see as the Horned God. They're two entirely different deities and pantheons! Pan can be seen as the Horned God, but He isn't!

It's not something to constantly be seeking for, or stress out about. Yes, you are made up of all the elements. Over half of your body is water, and we are made up from the same stuff that the Earth is made of. Your God/dess isn't set in stone. I work with Aphrodite mostly, but I've also worked heavily with Zeus for a long period of time. And then I worked with Athena. And then Prometheus. Get it? Depending on the person, you don't have to have a set God or Goddess for the rest of your life. Open up your options to other deities. Connect, work, and grow with them.

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Re: god/goddess?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Like everyone else has said, you are made up of all the elements. In fact, there is a chant that goes:

"Earth My Body
Water My Blood
Air My Breath
And Fire My Spirit"

This chant perfectly explains how we are made up of the different elements. However, when most people are talking about being of an element, this is normally whatever element their zodiac sign is associated with. In this manner, I'm water as my sun sign is Scorpio. Therefore, you can look at any horoscope website and find out which element is connected to your sign. Keep in mind though that not everyone agrees with this. I've known some who were listed as Fire but they personally felt connected more to the element of Earth. So this isn't a 100% done deal...and it also isn't even required to do anything. Its only useful if you decide to get into astrology. Magickally and spirituality, it doesn't effect a thing.

As for the God and Goddess part, that is something that takes time to figure out. However, as already mentioned, this is not required either. Some people feel called to worship certain gods or goddesses from a set pantheon, others connect with a patron god and a matron goddess that are the only two they worship, and still several more won't ever dedicate themselves to any specific deity or pantheon. This is a personal decision that only you can make. Start off with lots of research into the different mythologies and study any god or goddess that catches your interest. Try praying to any of them you want, find a guided meditation involving them and attempt it, set an alter up to them and see if it feels right....only time will tell if you feel that type of connection. Sometimes if you are lucky, the deity will give you signs. For me it involved dreaming of a goddess statue that I had seen in a store. Took me a while to figure out which goddess it had been of. I then prayed to her and felt at peace about what was going on very suddenly. I felt the connection and have worshiped her since that day.

Good luck on figuring out what is right for you!
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Re: god/goddess?
Post # 7
Fire and spirit are two separate things, furthermore, the elements do not solely refer to the physical elements. The elements are a categorisation system used to classify various things into principles.

See works by the Golden Dawn members, Eliphas Levi, and Agrippa for the use of the elements in the Western Mystery Tradition.

In human terms, Earth refers to the physical body, Air the intellect, Water the emotions, and fire the desire, the devotion, the driving force. Spirit is a cohesive principle and rules the elements, spirit is divinity, or if you are an atheist- higher self/genius etc.

Many people will have a main deity, one which reveals themselves. This is important, the deity normally chooses the person, not the other way around. And this, as Zeusy said, may change over time.

You do not need a deity to work with magic, I would start by researching, finding one which appeals to you and working/petitioning them. You may find by doing this you find the deity you need, or you may find you are redirected. ince magic is an individual path it is hard to say.
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