spell to make me smarter

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spell to make me smarter
Post # 1
So I'm home schooled and the woman who comes to asses my work will be coming in a week today and I haven't done half the work I'm meant to because its to hard is thee a spell that could me me temporerilly smarter and more focased.
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Re: spell to make me smarter
Post # 2
There are ways to increase your focus and concentration but smarts as you call them requires a more direct approach. First it's supposed to be hard cause you haven't learned it. But it'll get easier. Second you have to use the resources you have! In the time it took you to post this here you could have Googled your subject a hundred times over and maybe found an easier way to do it that you understand! Just remember you get out of all things what you put in and in the end you'll be glad you did!
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Re: spell to make me smarter
Post # 3
The idea is to keep it simple. If you can't understand what's going on, fix and change the tools, as that's the only way the human mind at best can come and learn something new to it's conscious awareness.

On average, a human mind can at least hold up to around 7 things on it's conscious metacognitive short term memory, before some of those become consolidated long term, but usually are done thru a very strong stimulus association, as feeling is the best way of learning.

It also helps to keep drawing symbols, images, etc. to keep it simple and help recall a conceptual idea that's supposed to come and learn the idea, like learning the letters of the alphabet or math. Basically sign learning.

Again, keep it simple. Use colors, toys, cartoons, music etc. Everything goes and works really. I'm a cognitive/learning theorist, so I kinda should know. But it also kind of depends on the type of learner and performer that you are also.

The thing is you also want to separate the claims of who said and who did a lot of the times too and understand you're being graded on a criterion scale on the selected set of subjects and skills you're going to be performing and testing on.
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Re: spell to make me smarter
Post # 4
Also it helps to practice and reinforce the concept and memory more often than rote to help consolidate. It even comes and helps to even do it backwards and forwards also. So again, keep it simple. Academia is hard enough as it is, no need to make it more difficult than it needs to be.
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Re: spell to make me smarter
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
There isn't a spell in the world that will actually make you smarter. However, you can do spells or exercises to help you focus and remember the materials better. I used to do them when studying for exams in school.

The easiest technique that worked well was to use my third eye when studying. Basically as you are learning the material, reading or studying a guide, you visualize looking through your third eye to do so. For whatever reason, this really helped me remember the material and when I got stuck on tests. Almost like I had a photographic memory...okay, so maybe not that awesome but it made a big difference.

Another thing to help with focusing is to learn to meditate. Meditation helps you to focus and there are studies that say it can greatly improve your grades when practiced a couple times a week. Daily would be even better even if it is just for a few minutes.
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