kinetics and shape shifti

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kinetics and shape shifti
Post # 1
For those who say they can create an element from thin air has been brainwashed by Avatar show thingy. Its impossible to do that aerokinesis or any other kinetics means that you manipulate and control not just create it. And those who says they want to be werewolves its impossible you cant change your dna structure if you want to change your eye colour just use an illusion spell. Hollywood has brainwashed us get out of your fantasy world and come back to reality.

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
Post # 2
It's impossible to even change your eye color through spells. True though. There are way too many fluffy people/spells on the site.

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Oh, it is not only Hollywood or television that has "brainwashed" the young (and the not so young!) It has been going on for at least two thousand years; ever since the rise of Christianity.Flying on broomsticks, having a "familiar", casting spells, being in league with the devil, demons, the Black Mass. Every known atrocity, every failure of crops,every stroke of "bad luck". It must be the witches!
Thousands were put to death accused of witchcraft/devil worship. Any old woman living alone who had a cat must be a witch!
Real witches were not only great healers. They were also "counsellors", and were consulted for all sorts of problems. The Catholic Church was having none of that! Only their priests were allowed to heal or counsel.

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
Post # 4
There is this place in tanzania and if u sleep in there in the afternoon people will think your a witch because they think your taking a nap for a long night of cursing people with spells

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
Post # 5
You can't change anything about yorself. Eyes, hair, color, ect.

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
So true. Lots of newbies out there looking for something that doesn't exist. There are worse sites out there than this one. I've seen them. It's really scary that people can't use common sense to determine what is realistic and possible. Doesn't help that just about anyone can create a site and post the fluffy material that so many believe.

Re: kinetics and shape shifti
Post # 7
i meant as an illusion so people think that it changed but its actually still normal

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