Reading candles/wax?

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Reading candles/wax?
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Everybody here is very helpful, especially for somebody as new as I am, so thank you in advance.

Years and years ago I had gone through a breakup and as a last resort when nothing else worked I found a bring back lover candle spell that I attempted. Back then I had no idea on timing, reading candles, or anything. I just followed the instructions and gathered the candles the spell called for. Low and behold she came back not long after. We broke up a year later, I repeated the spell and she came back. Coincidence? I'm unsure due to my lack of experience at the time. But we did love each other she just wasn't the "right" one that I've come to realize way later. As of now, I'm going through a similar situation with somebody that seemed to have gotten a little off balance and broke it off, but the love was still there and hopefully still is because it hasn't even been two months since our breakup, I was her first love.

Anyway as with the first attempt at this spell, I went to the original location I bought those candles from. Did the spell the exact same way only with timing more in mind. Now reading the candles has become a priority but I am confused:

I lit the 4 free-standing candles in their positions and all had normal flames but one of the candles went out before I begun the spell. I noticed my a/c was on and affecting this so I turned it off, re-lit the candle and it burned fine, the slight breeze definitely played an effect because this candle was closed to my a/c. I will mention this candle begun to smoke; it let off tiny upward white lines of smoke, no hissing or crackling. I have read this is a good sign? It only came from the one specific color which I understand represents "love/heart/beginnings."

However, I read that lines of white smoke are also believed to be trouble or something being held back. So I'm looking for experience or opinions on that. And lastly I let the 4 candles burn themselves out safe away from any drafts and 2 remaining candles were still left burning but about gone, which will leave them with small pools of wax. I briefly looked at the shapes of the wax and couldn't make out anything unusual except one of them seemed to almost look like a profile of a bird; head/beak...would this represent anything? I'll have to look again when I get home today.

Any information anybody can share with me would be wonderful as you all have been very helpful so far. Thank you.
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