A spell for a friend (lov

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A spell for a friend (lov
Post # 1
Hi there,
I'm kind of new to this forum, I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post. However I'm not new to magick and spell casting.

I have a really good female friend who's been feeling very lonely lately, she's been single for years and now she wants to start dating. She's kind of afraid of getting hurt, so she asked me if I could make a spell for her to find a good guy or like a good match. I found some spells but they're all made in a way so the spell caster would find love -not a third person. She doesn't want to do the spell herself, she's kind of afraid of working with magick, so she asked me to do it. Could anyone tell me if there is a something like what she's wanting? Thank you!
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Re: A spell for a friend (lov
Post # 2
Its better for her to cast it herself
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Re: A spell for a friend (lov
By: / Novice
Post # 3

You could write the spell. Then you wouldn't have to go searching for one that is a perfect fit. Or if you find one that you like, you can alter it to suit your needs.

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Re: A spell for a friend (lov
Post # 4
thanks RhiSabelle.

I have no idea of how to write spells tho. Always used book and spells that were written by authors.

Just to clarify this isn't a spell she wants to make someone she knows fall in love with her. It's a spell that can help her meet someone special. I have seen spells like that but they're all written in the first person, alas for the spell caster.
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Re: A spell for a friend (lov
Post # 5

First of all ,I think she must be sure that she wants to use magick to change her situation.Any doubts from her side will make your spellcasting weaker.Now, if she is sure then it will be much easier for you however your part is also importand.
For the spell I advice you to be creative: take an incantation and modify it to your needs or even make one your own.If however you have a problem with the incantation you can either pray silently or aloud, or visualize the results you want A simple ritual with some easy to get items will suffice.For example a red or pink candle along with some blessed wine and cinnamon and a personal item of hers will be enough.But what is really importand is your emotions.A spell done for a third person is never as strong as one done for the caster.
Blessed be
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