Love spell during Scorpio

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Love spell during Scorpio
Post # 1
I'm looking into performing a return lover spell, not to control somebody but to hopefully look into opening up communication again. It's obvious my ex had suppressed her feelings when we broke up and I'm hoping this certain spell can help her open back up and try and fix things.

I had planned on doing this during tomorrow's full moon but it is in the sign of Scorpio and I had read that spells under this moon should be about sex or ending communication. What I read may have meant if the moon is waning that it be to end communication but I'm worried if I perform this spell tomorrow that it won't have any positive affect on my ex. Does anybody have any thoughts they can share with this?
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Re: Love spell during Scorpio
Post # 2
You don't have to use the moon in your workings, but for this type of thing, I think using the new moon would help. Full moons are good too, though. New moons are like the beginning, the drawing of energy. It certainly won't hinder you to use the Scorpio moon, but waiting for a Leo, Libra, or Taurus moon may help :)
Scorpio moons are, as you say, a bit more on the harsher side. But if you don't mind that it doesn't directly correspond with your spell, I'd say go for it :)
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Re: Love spell during Scorpio
Post # 3
Thank you for the response. What I'm afraid of is I did read the Scorpio moon having a harsher side but I don't want it to have a negative effect on any spell work I do. In other words I don't want it to "end" any possibility for reconciliation, or backfire in some way.

If the "harsher" side may mean the spell packing a harder punch on the target then well, that wouldn't be so bad.
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Re: Love spell during Scorpio
Post # 4
So you can use some kind of banishing spell. If other people or feelings are keeping your ex away, then banish them(not harmfully of course). Cast a spell facing west an hour before sunset for banishing to eliminate any influences that might be keeping your ex away. Gray and brown candles are for banishing.
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