Legion of Light and Dark

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Legion of Light and Dark
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Greetings to all. The Legion of Light and Dark is under new leadership. Currently, we are working on revamping the coven, but we are also looking for new, active members to join. In our coven you will find a wide variety of topics such as herbs, demons, angels, and much more. Our goal as a coven is to learn from each other and to grow as a family. We are an open-minded coven and we welcome all paths.

Please read all of our rules (which can be found on our coven page) before applying.

Application Process

If you've decided our coven family is right for you, please make sure these two requirements are met before applying:

1. Please have a profile photo of some sort.

2. Please have a bio that is about you.

Next, please send FenHarel the following questionnaire filled out in complete sentences and hit "apply" at the top of the coven page:

I. What is your name, or what you'd like to be called by?

II. What do you practice and/or study?

III. What can you contribute to the coven?

IV. How active can you be on a weekly basis?

V. Do you have any past or current accounts? If so, please list them.

VI. Is there anything else you wish to add?

Note: Lying in applications will result in removal.

I thank you for taking this time to read this and I look forward to working with any and all new members.

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Re: Legion of Light and Dark
Post # 2
I am curious. I applied to the Legion a few weeks ago. I sent my application to Muurta but I have not received any news as to whether I have been accepted or not.
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Re: Legion of Light and Dark
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Please resend your application to me.

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Re: Legion of Light and Dark
Post # 4

Good luck.

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