Spells in folk songs?

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Spells in folk songs?
Post # 1
Hello mates, how have you been?
T's been a long time since my last access here, cancer got me by surprise and really hard, so, chemo all the way and no time to care with much more.
Anyway, going to the point.
Have any of you ever heard folk songs? Medieval folk songs, I mean, like Tam Lin or Unquiet Grave? Well, since I'm Brazilian, I hadn't until some time ago, and... Well, I don't know if it paranoia or something else, but it seemed that most of those songs described some rites and sometimes outright spells! And although the people involved changed in other versions of these songs, the rite was still there, always. Like Unquiet Grave, 12 months and 1 day of mourning over a grave and the fetch of light from a deep cave and the other things.
Anyway, my question is: Is there any sense in this or I'm just hallucinating?
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Re: Spells in folk songs?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Folk songs are a reflection of folkish cultures within each region. For example, Ring Around the Rosie describes the Bubonic plague that riddled much of Europe in the Middle Ages. Sometimes, like in the aforementioned song, they reflect real, physical events and sometimes they reflect folkish beliefs in legends. While I wouldn't say that all folk songs are rites, rituals, or spells, there is definitely a possibility that they can reflect a cultural practice - you can even learn the history behind the folk songs and create a practice or technique based on that (sometimes I incorporate Icelandic folk songs in my practice as folklore is a part of my path and not just the Paganism aspect of Iceland).

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Re: Spells in folk songs?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I think it could be. Here is the link to a jig that is literally titled Banish Misfortune:

I believe that stories can be spells. My favorite for breaking a curse is the Greek furies becoming the kindly ones. Pagans can take that more literally, but as a story itself I believe it can be a spell.
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