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ouija board
Post # 1

so i have made my own ouija and plancette but nothing has happend and ive played it a couple of times but nothing happens. i want to be in contact wit them and know the dangers but i need a protection spell to protect everyone like my family and friends where ever i go and or just in my house so no evil can harm me or my family and friends so i need that help and also i want to contact a spirit hopefully good ones but it wont work with just me and i just want it to be me so how do i do it and what should i do to conure good spirits and for my ouija to work . please help

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Re: ouija board
Post # 2

hey akasha wolf can you help and other members have you got ideas please

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Re: ouija board
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: ouija board
Post # 4
I highly recommend the use of The Psychic Circle board. It's available to purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

If you really want to use your board that you made, I'd infuse it with lavender oil, rose oil, and sandalwood. Rub sea salt all over the board. Finally, prior to using the board, encircle yourself (and the board) with a ring of sea salt.

Also, prior to communication with ANY spirit, first state in a firm voice, "The ONLY spirits allowed to use this board are souls who are pure of heart and intent." Say that three times.

Good luck!
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Re: ouija board
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I like to think of ouija boards more like pendulums than as a device that contacts actual spirits. Pendulums, in theory, work based of vibrations in your fingers. These vibrations control how the pendulum moves and therefore, what answers you get. What controls the vibrations? Your subconscious because we are connected to all knowledge know and unknown through it. The pendulum is just the device that allows you to access this knowledge. I see ouija boards as the same thing...they use the vibrations from your fingers to move the planchette across the board to give you answers. Since a planchette is heavier, it takes stronger vibrations and is why it works better with more people and seems to literally be moving on its own.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that maybe if you view it less like a board that spirits connect with you through, you might be able to use it more effectively and without bringing unwanted spirits about. Half the danger with spirit boards is just the belief that they need a spirit to work and therefore creating a link isn't the board but you who opens up the gateway.

Oh and I must say, the psychic circle board mentioned above is awesome! I've had one for over 10 years and it gives amazing answers.
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