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Spell Work - Tips
Post # 1

This is for those who have a good grasp of the basics such as;


Meditation/altered states of consciousness

Raising and sending energy

Opening and closing a circle

Casting a circle

Consecrating and de-consecrating

Knowledge of the three fold law

Knowledge of your chosen craft

I felt that I would like to share with you all some useful tips that will help you make your spells work better for you, as many of you know designing and writing our own spells out is always the best way. Most of the time we know what it is that we want out of a spell, but sometimes don't know how to get there. By the process of induction and deduction alone one could work out how, as once you know it, it can't really be forgotten. Even though I went to a regular school like the other children in the village, I was also expected to learn and study when I got back at the end of the day, this was not always a fun task, but I am glad I persevered through it.

From the age of seven I was taught the runic languages and the differences between them, the cultures surrounding various areas of the occult, of course we were well versed on the likes of Gardener and Crowley, but others too which were of more interest to the family such as Pamela Ball, but up until I was eleven, the basics was all I was taught about magic. After that I was taught the astrological signs, the movement of the planets, how to chart the constellations and how to keep records of your own astrological activity.

Numerology was one thing that I found hard to wrap my head around at times, but knowing it and taking it into account was a huge benefit to my magical workings, not only in spell casting but in all other areas too. Knowing your astrological information as well as your numerological together will help you not only to determine the best time of year/month/day to perform your spell, but also in relation to your life path as a whole. So for instance my life path number is 6, now I'm a very caring person and as it is written, those who have the life path number of six will always yearn to seek to heal others. Along with this come your birthday number, your challenge numbers, your pinnacles, personal numbers and name numbers.

knowing these things can help you plot your losses, and your personal bests as well as upcoming challenges you might face along the way. Although even knowing this much will not provide concrete answers, but it can give you a better Idea of the future and help you to plan for it. In your spell work however, it is a more in the now matter. What you need to consider is first your intent, make sure you have that firm in your mind before proceeding. The next order of business is to consider the ingredients for your spell, again look at your intention and make sure the ingredients correspond to your spell. Do a little research yes, but make sure to tailor it to your specific needs.

Being in alignment with the planets and constellations is one thing, but that won't matter unless you have the ingredients aligning to the spell as well. Say for instance you were doing a find your soul mate ritual, to attract your soul mate to you through the use of a mojo bag, you wouldn't then go out and sacrifice a sheep in order to get what you want. As this would not only incur a severe retribution downfall on the caster in terms of the three fold law, but it would also work against your spell, thus working directly against the original intention. Placing yourself in alignment with the seasons of the year is also helpful, if you were casting a spell to bring something to you, you would cast in the autumn at the time of harvest. Or if it was for a time of positive change you would cast your spell at the start of spring. Or to dispel negative energies you would cast your spell in the at the end of autumn/beginning of winter.

The same also goes for the moon, if the moon is getting closer to full this is a time of magical increase. When the moon reaches its fullest this is when it is at its most powerful and potent for magical workings. When the moon has just past over from full to waning, this is a time to be sending energy away or banishing negative energies. If you are drawing down the moon at the time of your magical working to add momentum or power to aid your spell, make sure to have considered your planetary positions first as if you are in a sign that does not help with your spell or conflicts directly with your sign, this could cause your spell to not work.

All of these things are part of the preliminary process of designing and planning your spell work, and make sure to be thorough and not rushed. Remember this is magic you're dealing with, and if your nice to it, it will be nice back. Before proceeding any further to your actual cast, make sure to take into account all safety considerations. Such as the use of lighters/matches. Can you cast a strong circle for example? Are there any indicators to look for in your planning that might cause your spell to back fire. The use of directors and limiters on your spell will be key to ensuring it is effective, but again the basics must be ingrained first, and you will know when you are ready to cast because you will simply feel it inside of you. Directors are things like charting and tracking your astrological positions, and limiters would be things like your ingredients that correspond to your spell.

When you come to actually cast your spell on the night/day, make sure to have set up before. That all of your tools selected, your ingredients, your alter space and yourself are fully cleansed and consecrated. Have things in place for safety and that the space you are in cannot be disturbed, magic is the manipulation of energy and needs to be handled with care. Enter a state of calm and begin to meditate, quieten your mind and only think about the intention of your spell. You can use music to guide you in your meditation and insane to rouse the senses, again ensuring they all correspond to the spell. Fell the energy build up inside of you and begin to swirl around, make sure you have a good feel of it and sense it's shape, it's colour and how it moves. Now gently channel it through your wand/staff, your wand will have a tip. In this type of basic cast, this is the instrument that will store and release the energy right before you cast. Once you have felt it pass through, simply release it like letting go of a dandelion in the wind.

And there you go, this is quite a basic overview of how to make spells work better for you. But I see quite frequently questions pop up quite a lot relating to all of this kind of stuff, hope you enjoyed reading as much I did writing guys. And good luck in your magical endeavours, Will x

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Re: Spell Work - Tips
Post # 2
This is a great post. I particularly liked the reference to astrology; few practitioners follow it and I myself have only recently observed the use of keeping track of planetary positions.

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Spell Work - Tips
Post # 3
Thankyou very much Hadit!
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