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Post # 1
Should Nithogg be considered a Norse god and can he be worshipped as such. Nithogg destroyed Yggdrasil destroying gateways to most of the other realms. Nithogg also brings Baldr and some of the other gods who were slain back from the dead after the first Ragnarok. To be sure the Malice-Striker has much power, but is he a god?
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Re: Nithoggr
Post # 2

Do you mean Nidhogg? If so then i should tell you that the dragon is widely considered to be a She, not a he. While she isnt a commonly honored Deity, when she is its usually in Rokkr circles. Shes a being that hates wastfulness and throwing things "away", her job in the underworld is to devour corpses supposdely, but the main thing shes known for is eating away at the rotting or dead wood of yggdrasil. A lot of UPG says she is slower moving, but not abnormally agressive as far as underworld beings go.

If you asked me i would consider her an underworld deity but i think it depends on who youd ask, i havent read anywhere about her bringing back any of the dead deities though.

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Re: Nithoggr
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I've seen a lot of people refer to Nidhoggr as a "she", however I often refer to Nidhogg as being genderless. Though often in mythology references, people refer to Nidhoggr as a "he"- NIdhoggr's gender is not mentioned anywhere in the lore.

This source, which is the source from which all Rokkr information tends to come from, lists Nidhoggr as genderless as well:

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Re: Nithoggr
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

As for the original post:

I would say, from my belief, that Nidhoggr is a vital part of the circle of life and therefore deserves to be honored. However, I've not heard of many Heathens (even Rokkatruars) that actually "worship" Nidhoggr, simply because it doesn't seem to be a deity that takes much notice of whether or not people are paying it attention (much like Fenrir).

In a way, you could consider Nidhoggr to be an underworld deity. Some people get too technical and want to debate this, or whether Fenrir should be counted as a deity, or whether there are certain Jotun or Alfar or other spirits that are considered "deity" level. In the end, they are all wights (spirits) and can be worked with or honored or worshipped as such, if you so desire to.

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Re: Nithoggr
Post # 5

didnt know that one, thanks a lot personified

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