Spirit Animals

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Spirit Animals
Post # 1
I am not talking about familiars, but the actual totem animals based on shamanism. I am new to this and want to know if anyone in here has an idea about them. I have an idea that my animal is a tiger because a psychology test that had me subconsciously see myself as a tiger, strong and beautiful etc, and my obsession with tigers ever since a couple of years ago. I also did an online test, it wasn't those with simple and obvious questions but rather based on your personality, for example the answer read 'somewhat sgree, disagree, strongly disagree' and so forth. On that test I got my spiritual animal as a tiger as wel.

I was wondering if there is a way to see my animal or a way to communicate with it, as I read in another article that constant sppearabces in what my seem everyday life is actually a way for your animal communicating with you.

Please help. Thank you.
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Re: Spirit Animals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

What you are talking about is a spirit animal and not a totem. That is something that is often misunderstood. Totem animals are linked to a clan or tribe. Spirit animals are tied to an individual.

The best way to communicate with your spirit animal is through meditation. When you sit down to meditate hold in your mind that you wish to communicate with your spirit animal and then see what animal appears. On-line tests like that are fine, but not terribly accurate. They are mostly for entertainment. When you meditate be open to sometihing else other than a tiger might be what shows up to talk to you.

Another place that one can communicate is during dreams. As you fall asleep at night keep in your mind that you wish to encounter your spirit animal. That's what my husband did and found he was encountering a badger that spoke to him for several nights running.

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Re: Spirit Animals
Post # 3
What lark has tuxedos very correct you can also offer food or Tabasco or gifts to your spirit animal to show itself to you more obviously. You can also just ask the spirits to show you clearly what your spirit animal is.
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Re: Spirit Animals
Post # 4
I ment. Tabacco
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Re: Spirit Animals
Post # 5
So if I were to meditate, keep my mind open to anything, and offer gifts this may help me see my animal spirit clearly? I also read that being in touch with nature May or may not help, but it doesn't give me a specific answer.

Guess I'm a just a bit confused haha. I haven't been getting any sleep lately because of stress.

Thank you all for your input though, it means a lot.
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Re: Spirit Animals
Post # 6
Your spirit animal is something you can find subconsciously like as what Lark said in a meditative or dream state. Sometimes people find there spirit animal other times it can find you, relative to the individual. Online little spirit test stuff is usually nonsense. A totem animal is not the same as a spirit animal; for instance my totem animal is the Raven while my spirit animal is the Wolf. My spirit animal is both my guardian and guide, this also is relative to an individual, usually a spirit guide is another matter entirely, my totem animal is in regard to myself tribally.
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