Desperately worried

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Desperately worried
Post # 1
Hey guys I need some advice as I have been having a dilemma recently, I have been in and out of love with a girl who I am friends with for around three years, however my friend has been going out with her for all of that time. Now this isn't straight forward, it is complicated and not as simple as jealousy. Because I simply am not in any way, I love my friends more than my own feelings for just one. And I have found a way to cope and live with this because just being their friends and having them in my life and not ever know, is enough for me to get by.

I am just more worried about how the way I feel might affect my friends, because recently I did a love spell. Well it was a find your soul mate ritual, now I did this with no one in mind. The spell was incredibly well planned out and I traveled hundred of miles to gather ingredients and even climbed a mountain to put the mojo bag at the top of it. I had just gone through a break up, quite a bad one and I had spent a long time doing self healing work.

My two friends lets just say Person A (Male) and Person B (Female) have been together for three and a half years, and all of us have been very close friends since we all met back in 2012.

All of our individual stories about how we met, the places we live and all of the little things that needed to happen for all of us to meet. I only just found out the other day that person B was born near to where I grew up and then she moved, near to where Person A grew up.

Then years before we all met, our lives all went in different directions, but then met in completely random circumstances.All of our stories together overlap and join up in various ways. Now before I did the attract spell, I had three separate tarot card reading, three because the first and second ones said the same to me. That they couldn't see who this person is, but I can't go looking for her, she is going to approach me who ever she is.

So instead of trying to find the person, I did this spell mainly to 'attract them', the other purpose of the spell and one of the most important elements was to bring love into my life. In term of the way love myself, my friends and family, that way I would be surrounding myself with loving energies. It's not always good to focus on just one love, instead I tried to surround myself with it.

Now I was with person A and B the other day, and we all went out and ended up getting drunk and all sorts. We had such a good time, the next day me and person B went out to a park and we started talking, I learnt so much about her in a way that I never had before and this caused my feelings to come back even stronger than before.

Now this is the part that worries me, person A and Person B want to take me to the lake district for a holiday, to the same place where I buried that mojo bag all those months before!!!!

Which is what is scaring the crap out of me, because even though my intention setting at the time was that I had no one in my mind or my heart whilst doing he spell, all I did was do it to find however the universe fates it to be. The bag had to be placed on top of a mountain because for me, whoever my soul mate really is. I want her to know I would climb mountains for her out of my love, also because It's closer to the heavens and in a beautiful location.

I am worried that if we all go there (not that she or anyone else knows about this) that it might backfire onto her, causing her to fall in love with me and thus Person A looses person B.

I would rather kill myself then let that happen (sorry for the dramatics, I men't it more as a figure of speech).

But then there is that story about how person B was Born near me, but then moved hundred of miles and grew up near person A.

I have done and never will do anything to interfere with their relationship,but I am worried that because of the way that I feel, no matter what I do ill end up doing something wrong and hurting them :(

I honestly don't know what to do, but it's magik wise i am more concerned with more than these feelings, then again it is feelings at the end of the day that affects our magic.
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Re: Desperately worried
Post # 2
They will be fine. It's just the human element playing it's part. Don't blame yourself or your magic. People are finicky and just plain difficult it's their nature.
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