Redone:Water Purification

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Redone:Water Purification
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This is just a small article i thought id do, from a few videos i saw, you can see it on youtube here:

While she does supply good information i personally think along with a few others that its best not to take her word as law. But moving back onto topic.

Greeks and hellenics like most other paths have certain ways of purification and in this instance, its water. While normally spring water or sea water was preferable, we all have to improvise at times for instance, if only tap water is avalable.

The metod talked about is when someone has impure water (like tapwater) it is placed in a bowl or other container, it needs to be purified before it can be used. (Side note: Not all Hellenics ive found are as strict on this as some others are, as usual its typically a matter of opinion) Usually a match, or else any object similar, is lit and a small prayer to a deity (poseidon is common) is wispered or spoken. After/During this the lit object is dropped into the water and the basic idea is that fire, which is also a purifying force, has cleansed the water.

One thing id like to point out is that i have actually seen this method used at least twice in a few different videos from 2 seperate people. A difference i noted was that some sprinkled sea salt before dropping the match in. (seeing as salt is a purifying minaral) But dont take my word as law either and be sure to find your own comfort zone and do your own research.

If any of you are reading this id like to put a good shout out to the people who commented on the previous version of this article for correcting some mistakes that i had made and offering some advice. thank you all for reading and lemme know if you have anything to add in the comments. Have a good day.

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