Horus&Ra Differences

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Horus&Ra Differences
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This is a very short article i thought id to to help clarify some of the differences between Horus (Heru) and Ra (Re). A lot of people ive come across confuse the two because they both have avian heads when depicted but there are several differences which can be used to distinguish them.

The Crown:

Heru and Ra can easily be destinguished by simply what is on their heads. It many depictions Horus wears a Double crown (which many take to symbolize the pharoh and the union of upper and lower egypt) where as Ra, being a Solar deity, Typically has a Sun disk on his head.


Unless you really havent done much on the internet, youve more than likely seen the Wadjet eye. Or as its usually known, the eye of horus, Eye of Ra, etc. But what some people dont know is that the Wadjet eye and the Eye of horus are seperate and actually quite different things.

The wadjet eye is a widely known symbol of heru which a lot of people associate with his lunar aspect (it was an ancient belief that horus' eyes were the sun & moon).

However the eye of Ra is a term used for certain Goddess' who served as a form of "enforcer" if you will. Bastet and Sekmet are the most well known deities to hold the title.

Its worth mentioning that some people call Heru's other eye the eye of Ra because it represented the sun. Although i can understand the connection, both eyes belong to Horus and are his symbols. Though his left eye is usually the one depicted where as the right eye is less common.

The above are some good things to remember when shopping for statues, icons, or symbols. Plus are good to know when creating poetry, devotional works, and Altars. But as always its usually the thought behind it that counts. I hope you all enjoyed this posting and if you have anything to add to it i certainly hope you do. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

(due to a lot of advice from people i respect, here are my sources:

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