Can you help me?

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Can you help me?
Post # 1
Hey everyone I had a really weird dream at least I think it was a dream last night could anyone help me understand it? So here is the dream I was walking around a parking lot when i came to a gate on the other sides there where tons of sick people and dying. I walked over to help one of them a baby on the table there was an old women black dress and a scarf white hair and her eyes where the thing that caught my attention one was white like it was blind and the other was black. Stepping up I placed my hands in the air above the child and began to sing a healing spell or I think I was the spell I use. When I did this the women slapped my hand and said don't sing. Then the baby turned to me and had the face of a 90 year old women with wiskers and white hair. Then I woke up any one can help me understand I be thankful.
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Re: Can you help me?
Post # 2
No but I was trying to meditate the other day and had a creepy vision to when I opened my eyes it all vanished maybe its a future premonition
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Re: Can you help me?
Post # 3
Need more info. What's been going on in your life lately? Are you actively using astral travel at any time? Have you or a family member/friend been ill recently? Has there been any travel or major life change? I'll be able to help interpret with more details.
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Re: Can you help me?
Post # 4
I might be able to help. This could have been a riddle dream ( that's what I call them ) the women's eyes could have symbolized a yin yang or balance even good and evil. The sick people could have meant that you need to help someone around you. The baby with the 90 year olds face could be the cycle of life you start out a baby then you die old with whiskers and white hair ( if you're lucky and don't die young )
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