Downside of Thoughtforms

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Downside of Thoughtforms

Downside of Thoughtforms
Post # 1
This is a simply a collection of information I've gathered through research and partial experience. I am not really an expert, so if somethings off or wrong, input is greatly appreciated!

The basic definition of a thought form is something given shape and purpose by a person. They are not beings that should be taken lightly. Do not hesitate to dismiss.

The physical effects a thoughtform can have on a person can be varied in some cases. However, their most basic effect is an energy drain. They eat your 'energy' so they can live. Constant regulation of this is needed. A person must set limits. If there are not any established, the energy drain can be taken advantage of and the 'host' can be chronically exhausted and that can have other bad effects. This can be the same case with creating multiple thoughtforms. Once again, set rules. If the rules cannot be set/ thoughtform has fulfilled its intended purpose, it would be best to dismiss it.

For Thoughtforms, their 'base' is very important. One should not be made sloppily because the repercussions can be immense. If one is made with blind anger and sent on some vengeance, expect bad results. They need time and specification. If one cannot be handled, dismiss or reinforce the imposed 'rules' somehow. In any situation that is too large and cannot be handled, dismiss it as quickly as possible.

A long term Thoughtform is a huge undertaking. For those I know, with the right handling they've gained an indispensable being. However, there are many negatives to making a long term Thoughtform. The rules need to be constantly enforced and tweaked with some. The Thoughtforms can be akin to developing children and will more often then not cause their own versions of tantrums. It takes perseverance to raise them. In addition, the longer 'lives' they live, the more complicated Thoughtforms can become. Dismissal can be a trial in itself.
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Re: Downside of Thoughtforms
Post # 2
I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure a thought form wouldn't do any of that. Depending on what you create it for, it will require certain time and attention to do certain things, but under no circumstances should an astral being be drawing from your energy. It draws from the same infinite source we do. Not from each other.
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Re: Downside of Thoughtforms
By: / Novice
Post # 3

In the future, if you want to charge it in a way that is less of a strain on yourself, you may consider giving it a physical representation and placing the 'body' in a crystal grid or a lamp that you maintainl. This way it isn't independent, but it doen't pull solely from your personal energy, making the utilization of said thoughtform more practical.

A long term thought form, from what I've heard, it will develop on it's own into an entity known as a servitor. This could be seen as a child growing into a young adult. The result of experience and prolonged use. The big diffeence between a thoughtform and a servitor is operational indeoendence. If you find your thoughtform encompassing new tasks on it's own and you don't like that, you may want to regulate such things.

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Re: Downside of Thoughtforms
Post # 4

You may have talked about this, but what do you mean by 'Dismiss'?

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Re: Downside of Thoughtforms
Post # 5
@Ryannn)They do draw from their creator. At it's most basic, a Thoughtform is a spell given form. They must feed from the person who made them to do their accomplished tasks. It is only the older ones who can survive dislodging themselves and developing the ability to circulate their own energies.

@Memshearts) I've been wanting to research that, thanks so much for the input! Would it be alright if I asked you some questions about it if you have any prior experience?

@Mr.Xaxa) 'Dismissal' can be different for some people. It basically is just getting rid of the Thoughtform. It can be destroyed or absorbed, gotten rid of using spells, or through other methods.
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Re: Downside of Thoughtforms
Post # 6
I'm late to the party with this but, in my experience, if the energy drain gets to being too much you can impose a limit on the energy the thought form/servitor gets from you and begin giving it offerings to pull energy from. The offerings can be little things like a shot of alcohol or a bit of candy, same as to any other being, but you want it to be something that you'd be willing to consume rather than giving them garbage. As they develop you can find out preferences on offerings and go from there.
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