Love spells

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Love spells
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I have been doing magic for about 2years.I need a love spell my circumstances are a little different as I don't really believe in messing with one's freewill. However I feel the need to explain my situation .Marcel and I were together for 8 years when I met him I had a 9 month old who he loved as his own I later gave birth to two more children we had our ups and downs but loved each other Marcel is very humble .There came a time where we were looking to buy a home we couldn't because his mother stole his identity and put a business in his name for her boyfriend . needless to say I went off he being so humble and nonconfrontive he ask me to handle it.From then on I was hated called a gold digger and shuned we got into a argument about a job he refused to take instead of his father telling him to take the job to help support his kids he lied and told him he had a cousin in GA that owned a construction company he was there for months unable to find work when they thought he would come back to me his sister offered him a job to be her nanny (she doesn't work)paying him 500 hundred dollars a week he took itbbecause he knew I needed the support for my small children .in any case my children have suffered and are suffering not to mention they have no grandparents that will interact with them because of there hatred for me.He comes when I need him but I think if he came back he would be disowned last weekend he was here we had sex and he left his clothes boxers too someone please help me I need him home with me and the kids it's been very hard for me
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