Development of Egregore?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Development of Egregore?

Development of Egregore?
Post # 1
I've been using my friend, Corrine, as a source of info on the beings called Egregore for sometime now. I just thought it would be beneficial to kind of explain her process and get other peoples opinions on it. Like, dos and don'ts, etc. Corrines oldest Egregore are her twins, Ash and Dominick. She apparently started 'forming' them at an early age, around 13, as a magical method of implementation. They carried out her spells, etc. Over time, it seems they became a kind of crutch for her, as her being young and her home life not at all healthy. This lead to Corrine developing them more/using them almost predominantly as a magical method. They would bring her luck, warn her of things, and keep her 'together.' It was only at around 15 that she actually gained information of what an egregore/ thought form was and what they came with. She set up rules on energy take in, on their behavior, and everything in between. Now she's 18and they're still developing. It's only recent, but they have an almost physical presence as well. Ash is the stronger, seeming to be a weight with her. One cannot sense Corrine without Ash and he is like a second limb to her. He even seems to barely feed off her any longer. The relationship is healthy, but ultimately founded upon the dependency hat Corrine had as a child. He depends on her majorly. If Corrine is upset, Ash is trying some way to fix her. The rules she set in place are sometimes the only things keeping chaos from happening. So, any opinions?
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Re: Development of Egregore?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Its tricky business, no doubt. The definition of egregore that I use is slightly different, requiring the energy of more than one individual, more like group energy. Ones of more personal energy I call servitors or thought forms, but the language is only for convenience :)

I have made and worked with a few myself and I find a specific idea with specific intention and focused energy is needed. They are much trouble to make, so it better be something worth while in my opinion
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Re: Development of Egregore?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Umm, I'm not certain that the word "egregore" means what you think it means.

And "egregore" is actually a group mind/creation that is formed through the energetic work of a group of individuals.

What you are describing sounds more like thoughtforms or servitors. Those can over time become almost an individual of their own. Such thoughtforms should never begiven free rein in what they do but always be assigned specific functions to perform and a time period in which those are to be performed. Once that is done the thoughtform is generally released or dismissed.

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Re: Development of Egregore?
Post # 4
As Lark said, what your friend has developed are known as thought-forms. An egregore, being of a group mind would be akin to, satan, or 'the devil'. I personally have many thought-forms. Just the same, been with me for quite a while. the main one is humanoid with a mutable form, due to my chosen afinity. I use it as a proxy for most of my spellwork. Another, born from 'the twinkle of my eye', has adapted a form much like tinkerbell, i use her for communication/empathy.. the list goes on, but, looking at how i have raised and charged them, always using them in their respective manner, one might be able to argue they too are egregore.
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Re: Development of Egregore?
Post # 5
Thank you all so much for your imput, it really helped me narrow some things down.
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