Protection From Immoral Magic

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Protection From Immoral Magic
Post # 1
Hi everyone!

So recently, I told my friend (a fellow magic practitioner) about my serious attraction to this guy in my year. He's clever, charismatic and strikingly attractive. But, of course, he's straight.
I've grown to accept that he and I aren't meant to be. That using magic is simply the wrong thing to do. And I'll someday meet the right man, without any aid other than that of the universe...

But my friend is a bit more morally flexible.
They want to find a way to bring him and I together, using magic. Saying I'll thank them later etcetera etcetera.
Although I'm deeply attracting to this guy, us being together isn't right on any level.

I've told them that if they go through with this, or even so much as continue to find a means of magic to bind us, it will be the end of our friendship.
But I'm still worried...
Thus I'm writing this post; is there any possible way she could create a relationship between us? And if so, is there an effective means for me to protect both me and him from the spell??

Thank you for reading!
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Re: Protection From Immoral Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

my first thought is that they cannot make something happen that wouldn't have already otherwise come to happen. If you do not want this, then it is done. their will cannot bring two people together who do not want to be.

it is debatable, but in my experience it simply does not work that way at all.

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Re: Protection From Immoral Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
How do you know that he is"straight"? Let him know that you would like be his friend. He may be bi-sexual for all you know!
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Re: Protection From Immoral Magic
Post # 4
One of the risks of casting completely against ones natural will is mental illness. Be careful, it's messing with a persons born sexuality.
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Re: Protection From Immoral Magic
Post # 5

To be honest with you, there are spells designed to force someone to love you. However, no I believe that this should not be done. You have accepted the fact there is no possible relationship, your friend should respect that. I actually find it offensive that your friend is even suggesting such a thing.

If your friend persists, then tell them. Let them know with unwavering conviction that this is what you want, you want them to back off and not meddle in affairs of your life.

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