Please Help Me !!

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Please Help Me !!
Post # 1
Before I get started I'd just like to say that this site (this world, for that matter) is very new to me. And I'm trying to make sense of it all, starting with myself! So I apologise if I sound ignorant or plain wrong in any way!
Also a sidenote ~ for whatever reason, I can't add the accent to the "e" on Kitsune on my keyboard, so please note I can spell properly, it's just a technical difficulty I'm experiencing!!

I've always known that I diverged from others in some way. Primarily, due to the occurrences that I have caused in my life; these occurrences range dream, mental and sometimes even elemental manipulation. The worst of any of these however (and I admit this with a heavy hand) was the time I wished an unholy amount of suffering on someone for the pain and grief they'd caused me and my family; only to find out their house had burned to the ground that night. Again, I say that with regret, in no way do I approve of or condone that violence. Furthermore I have physical capabilities; I have a number of national, and one international title in Tae-Kwon-Do. My hair and nails grow at an annoyingly fast rate, my eyes shift colour depending on the colour of the clothes I wear, and over Summer I was admitted to hospital over excruciating pain in my lower torso. I had three doctors and one specialist trying to find the cause or root of my pain. But to no avail. The night of my submission, the pain vanished, gone without a trace. To this day doctors can't tell me what the pain was, or even assume the type of issue I was dealing with.

Prior to finding the existence of witches and vampires etc, I presumed that I was a half-Kitsune. The result of my ancestor falling in love with, and having a child with a fox-spirit in its human form. Which isn't an uncommon occurrence in the lore of the Kitsune. The child they would have had together (the child that I would be a descendant of) would have them been mainly human, with some Kitsune or fox-spirit blood. My family, however are Irish. And the legend of the Kitsune (although made famous in Japan) was created in China. However! There are sources that argue prior to China, Europe had derived the original concept of the Kitsune under a different name, since lost in time and translation.
Every so often (maybe on person every couple of generations) in my family is born with a birth mark on the inside of their writing-arm. A small circular blue mark with about three red dots on the inside. My ancestors, as discussed above, were also the High Kings of Ireland. And no, I'm not trying to brag or sound arrogant or anything of the sort!! I'm just wondering if that has anything to do with my situation! Perhaps a Kitsune would have been drawn to a powerful family? I don't know...

I've looked into Therians and Otherkin, although I this is a different case. I don't feel I share my soul with the Kitsune, but rather I am connected more physically: through DNA/bloodlines.

Well! I think that's everything!
I hope soon somebody can shed some light on this situation for me and aid me in understanding!
I eagerly await your response,
Thank you for reading!!
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Re: Please Help Me !!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Honestly, youre not genetically part animal at all.

you cant be, it is physically impossible. just like there are no vampires either except in fiction.

you are a great writer and you have some talent though based upon your story.

stick with that and keep exploring your talents and find a good path for your energy. Thats my advice.

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Re: Please Help Me !!
Post # 3
Thank you, Thor!

Writing and English literature is actually down as my top course for college next year!!
I guess I just got caught up with all the new information and knowledge I've dug up!!
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Re: Please Help Me !!
Post # 4
Such an interesting story of your journey so far :) I enjoyed reading it !
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Re: Please Help Me !!
Post # 5
Thank you, Ovakynd!!
One of the reasons I decided to post here is because of the open-minded and honest people! So it's great to see those perspectives shine through in my search for answers!!

And although Thor's comment really helped to ground me and set me on a more informed path, I'm still eager to find the actual cause for the occurances I've experienced! Whether that's Kitsune inclusive or not, who knows? Hahaha, hopefully the more people that respond the more my scope on the situation will grow!
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Re: Please Help Me !!
Post # 6
Your welcome :) and I hope you find what your looking for!
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Re: Please Help Me !!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Spiritual Creatures.
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Re: Please Help Me !!
Post # 8
Oops :')
Sorry for posting in the wrong thread!!
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