Hello from my small world

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Hello from my small world
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First, I should mention my condition: I'm sarcasti-holic. Though I rarely make jokes at another's expense (unless I'm very good friends with them) I have the habit of making light of everything. Please don't confuse this with taking my spiritual commitments lightly.

I don't profess to be an adept yet (as I am not), but I was initiated into the Golden Dawn in Toronto, Ontario a number of years ago. Prior to my initiation I studied (and still research) a variety of paths, in search of the right spiritual path.

I consider magic (or Crowley's spelling "magick") to be the most comprehensive means of understanding the nature of life, and returning to the source of All. By truly experiencing The Tree of Life we experience the geography of Creation itself. Even mysticism can't offer that.

Despite my ceremonial magic background, I have used practical magic (though rarely, admittedly).

I'm here because I have moved very far away from my temple, my teachers, and my friends. Though I am a solitary sort, I am aware of the importance of others in my spiritual life. Magic, when improperly employed, can decimate one's life, mental health, physical health, etc..

I'm hoping to find like-minded individuals here, with whom I can share my achievements and failures, and from whom I can receive guidance. I would be happy to do the same for others.

I also don't mind discussing practical magic. I have collected some few hundred spells over the years; though I've only used a very small number of them, my success rate is quite high.

As a side note... my username "Hesse" refers to Herman Hesse, who wrote the novel Demian . I highly recommend it. Anyone practicing magic of any sort, I think, would find a kindred soul in the character.

Please feel free to message me. I don't bite (online anyways).

It truly is a pleasure to be here.


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