spell to get ex back?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> spell to get ex back?

spell to get ex back?
Post # 1
Me and my ex wife broke up and I want her back she left me for another man I want to Break them up and get her back I want the amazing love we had back we had amazing love I will admit I did some things wrong but I want her to want me and only me
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Re: spell to get ex back?
Post # 2
I'm really sorry to hear that man. I can't even imagine what you're going through.
I'm not really sure magic works that way though. Even if it did or does, would you really want her back that way.
Magic isn't the answer to everything. People drift apart and sometimes you just have to pick yourself back up and move on in life.
I sincerely hope things get better for you.

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Re: spell to get ex back?
Post # 3
You shouldn't do magick to try and break love apart. Maybe it was fate that decided you two shouldn't be together. Although why not try a simple spell to try and rejuvenate friendship between you two and see if things will escalate to love again.
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Re: spell to get ex back?
Post # 4
Oh darling, you're experiencing the oh so common factor of heartache. There are spells designed to return a lover but I suggest you move on with your life. You may admit to doing things wrong but that doesn't change the fact it can happen again. Work on yourself and let her find her own way. If it is meant to be then you two will find yourself in each others arms.

I personally wouldn't tell one of these spells because I believe things end for a reason, that and some of these 'spells' are incredibly unhygienic and just plain nasty
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Re: spell to get ex back?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I'm so much sorry to hear that but Firstly, if she left you like that for other guy, then she doesn't deserve you. Just move on
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Re: spell to get ex back?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Im really sorry to hear about this.

there are some things you can do, but like a lot of people have said, they tend to backfire.

whatever you do though...dont pay anyone money...DONT...there are so many people out there looking for someone hurting so they can take advantage.

as far as what you can do, you have to have the basics down first and then if youre going to do love spells be very aware of not becoming obsessed and letting things go so the spell(s) can work.

Since shes with someone else youre gonna be breaking up another relationship...which could mean affecting a lot more people.

I dont know what path you follow...but unlike others, i say go for it...just be aware that you have responsibility because of what youre doing. Do as you will, just be preapred for the consequences......and dont forget that magic is an energy that will make the odds better....if this situation is "impossible" then it wont work out.

Anyway, I really fell for you. Divorce is horrible and the pain can be nearly unendurable.

Whatever happens, I hope it works out for you. And it will...

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