Symbols In Dreams

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Symbols In Dreams
Post # 1
I am constantly having dreams where my dog (who was my bestfriend) is a recurring figure. He died in 2012, and I was just wondering does it mean that he is still here? Is his spirit present?
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Re: Symbols In Dreams
Post # 2
Your question made me question myself deeply, I have seen many cases that the spirit doesn't leaves and resides even after death, but it's in humans I've seen as I have experienced in my entire paranormal studies that only humans tend to make such as due to their own problems, a dog even is one with spirit and yes may not like us but filled with understanding and emotions, I may should say better have control over your mind and emotions, same thing do happened with me too, My pet left me back in 2011, soon the very same year I petted a new one, you may do such too, it helps!
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Re: Symbols In Dreams
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
I often dream of my dog. Sometimes, when I first awake,I still "feel" him on top of my bed. But he is not dead! Because of illness I could no longer care for him properly, so he now lives with my son.I would think that dreaming of a lost pet is quite normal.
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Re: Symbols In Dreams
Post # 4
That might just be that you miss him so your subconscious works him into your dream but after all your dog loved you as much as you loved it so maybe he's not ready to let go although if you are looking for closure seek out a hypnotist or psychologist.
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Re: Symbols In Dreams
Post # 5
All living, breathing creatures have souls, wether they be human or creature for God so created us all. So that when we all pass from this earth that we all may meet again in the afterlife. Humans are the only ones who must accept Jesus as our savior tho, since animals only follow instincts and were meant to be man's best friend and companion. Since your dog so loved you he very well may be visiting you in your dreams so listen to what he is trying to tell you.
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