Common Herbs

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Common Herbs
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Basil ~ (At times referred as the Witches Herb or American Dittany) An Herb masculine in Nature, associated with the element of fire and inclination towards the planet of Mars. Basil is used for protection, divination, happiness, harmony, consecration, and luck. Putting a leaf in your wallet attracts wealth and money. Burning basil in the home removes negative energy from the surroundings.

Chamomile ~ Masculine, associated with the element of Water and the Sun. Chamomile creates abundace and is also used for purification, Dreams, Harmony and Luck.

Lavender ~ Associated with the planet of Mercury and the element of Air. Belonging to the planet Mercury, Lavender is greatly used for clairvoyance, happiness, love, consecration, protection, harmony, and Good Luck.

Mugwort ~ Feminine, belonging to the element of Earth and the planet Venus. This plant is sometimes known as St. John's Herb, as it was said that he wore it around the belt to ward off spirits. Mugwort is used greatly for protection, prophetic dreams, healing, strength, and astral projection. It has been long known to promote vivid, lucid, and prophetic dreams.

Pennyroyal ~ Planet of Venus and the element of Earth, Feminine in nature. Pennyroyal is greatly used for protection, peace, and healing. It wards off evil and tied to the bed post sharpens the brain and wits. In Voodoo, used to break a hex, jinx, or a curse. It is said to solve marital problems, and bring good luck in family matters.

Rosemary ~ Associated with the Sun and Masculine in Nature. Belonging to the element of Fire. Rosemary is greatly used as substitute for Frankincense, one of the oldest incense. Greatly used in Fertility, Love, Friendship, Pruification, and cleansing. In Shakespeare's time it was believed to improve ones memory when drunk in tea. Rosemary's name comes from Latin rosmarinus, meaning "dew of the sea".

Sage ~ Sage is associated with Jupiter and the element of Air, masculine in nature. A great herb for strength, courage, grounding, healing, cleansing, psychic development, purification and clairvoyance.

Madame Aurora
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