Candle flames

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Candle flames
Post # 1
I'm new to this. I am trying my first candle spell just now. I decided to do a health spell for my daughter, who is currently suffering from mental health problems.

I chose a white candle, scribed her name on it, and used lavender oil.

Every since I lit the candle, the flame has been extremely weak, almost seeming as if it would go out at times. I read that a weak flame might be due to negativity. If so, how do I get rid of negativity?

Or do you think perhaps the weak flame could be due to another reason? Have I done something wrong?

Any thoughts gratefully received.
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Re: Candle flames
Post # 2
A weak flame can also be due to too short of a wick, or poor quality wax.

If you are worried about negativity, there are a few different cleansings you can do. One of the most simple is a sage smudge. Light some sage in a burn proof container. Waft the smoke around yourself and the room. While doing this, visualize the negativity as a dirty fog. See the smoke pushing it out of the area.
You can also do the same with visualizations of a brilliant white light.
Another good way to cleanse is with salt water. Sprinkle it around the room with your fingers, visualizing any negativity being washed away down into the earth, to be absorbed and transmuted.
Burning lavender, sage or another cleansing herb also helps
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Re: Candle flames
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Don't rule out logical answers, if the wick is too close to the wax it will be weak. You should cleanse the area and cast a circle before doing a spell so you can focus positive energy into the spell/space.

If you feel it's an omen, it could be telling you the spell is weak or won't work. While spells can heal some things, they don't work miracles. If you daughter suffers from depression or anxiety the spell could help, but not make it go away instantly. If she was born with some mental disorder you can't cast a spell to remove it. Also, you need to couple a spell with work. A job spell doesn't work if you don't apply, a mental health spell won't work if you don't talk to her and figure out other ways to help. Good luck.
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Re: Candle flames
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Candle flames
Post # 5
Thank you both for your replies.

I shouldn't forget the practical aspects. It was a votive candle, and cheap one. Perhaps the wick was a little short.

I'll definitely try burning sage in the future, I like the sound of that.

You're right, you do need to do things to help it along. My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression. I've started taking her along to counselling sessions too, so hopefully a mixture of the magical and the practical will help.

Many thanks :)
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Re: Candle flames
Post # 6
Just to update...the weak flame was indeed a problem with the candle itself. It was a votive candle, and I had bought three of the same brand. Having now burned the other two, they all had the same problem!

Nonetheless, I'm very interested in the suggestion of burning the sage to remove negativity, it feels like the right thing to do, so I'm excitedly awaiting the arrival of a smudge stick that I ordered.

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