compulsif obssession

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compulsif obssession
Post # 1
guys please please take this seriously and help,first I'm a person from morroco I had compulsif from the age of 16 and still now in the age of 26,first we've been as a family in good financial situation to buy the normal cures,(les anti depresseurs+les tranquilisents) but every time I tried to buy them something bad happened someone sick mom need more money,a person in the street need help better than me being cured anyway and I don't regret this last one but anyway I had to make too many sacrifices from the starting age til now that made me debted with more than 80millions just to please moms and other close members of family especially her,and still can't use any of the money I work for everyday as buy cures,for now what I care about more than fixing this long story that I dream it will end well,is meditation/visualization/and casting spells for exm akasha or other great spell casters that are here methode of calling your spirit guide:meditate and when you are at meditation state say is my spirit guide here with me it seems simple yes but for me it's near impossible why first hard to meditate because of compulsif obssessions(exagerated number of thoughts and ideas especially when trying to do something important)and even sometimes when I may be magically can clear my mind and start saying is my spirit guide here with me hh there is a voice in my head tell me yes/no,yes,no in exagerated way and i'm sure it's not my spirit guide trying to tell me something it's just the toughts from compulsif obssession trying to stop me doing what i'm about to do,the same thing in every spell and meditation that I try to do in the moment of starting the important part the bad toughts or exagerated toughts begin,really sorry friends for this long chat and really dream not just hope to find someone skillful enough to help me whether on how to meditate even though you have compulsif obssessions or the most important task help me get rid of obssession compulsif with a strong healing spell,that ofc will need an enormous strong caster,obssessions compulsifs+non stop sacrifices+bad peoples really make my life Hell in earth pls help

compulsive obssessions= neurologic problem....
compulsifs obssessions=evil entity that tries to stop you from doing any thing decisive or important...
neurologists says the first Hypothesis is right
others mean spiritual books,imams....says that the second Hypothesis is the right one,after 7years of study about this disease believe me both are wrong cause they think there is only one reason the right one is both Hypothesis are rights it's just a relation of cause and effects and soul can't be separated from body neither the body can live without soul.
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Re: compulsif obssession
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It sounds like you have a good understanding of how at times things become difficult for you and that's an important part, if you need help with meditation I'd be more than happy to assist you if you PM me, also check out the articles and posts in the forums on meditation, the main thing is to try to keep your mind focused on an object, this is called 'the object of meditation'. I hope your situation improves man, peace!
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Re: compulsif obssession
Post # 3
your words are wisdom to me hexen thanks a lot and surely I will pm friend and hope to find more great friends like you that can help me with that
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Re: compulsif obssession
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
At first I thought this was fluff, I'm glad I continued reading. Best of luck, I'll aid if need be.
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Re: compulsif obssession
Post # 5
Thank you so much Enchanting,just your presence here my friend is a blessing to me
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