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Post # 1
I know this is not magic relate but hear me out. Many of you know me and many I have never talked with before. But I am sure quite a few remember a young woman named lightseer, who ranted and raved about a severe head condition she had. Well that is me. After six years of grueling head and pelvic pain, I found out the cause was a device I had implanted to prevent children, due to my ptsd. After my last recorded test to find the cause, numbering over a thousand, I found out this device causes swelling. Unfortunately my reaction is so severe that my brain has been swelling off and on as well, causing severe pain, depression, hallucinations and eventually irreversable brain damage. I am not the only one to suffer. My support group on fb is over fifteen thousand women, all whom have suffered from this device in some way.

Please take a moment to go sign this petition, to remove essure from the market. It literally took me a minute.!documentDetail;D=FDA-2015-P-0569-0001

you must go to the link, click "comment now" and state : I __ support petition FDA2015P0569 in whole. It wants your name
and mailing address. No one else will see this but the fda.

It could be your mother, sister, daughter or love that gets convinced to get this device next. Do not let them or anyone else suffer as we have

Blessings to all
Angie Christina
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Re: Awareness
Post # 2
Quick bit of info: The pdf explains the petition itself. To the right is a button saying "comment now". This is what you click to sign. Thank you for your time
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Re: Awareness
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This site IS about the body! About health; about healing; the magic of Life and Living. To me, this post sounds like like pretty good advice.
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Re: Awareness
Post # 4
I have a close friend who has gone through similar conditions. Thank you for bringing this petition to the public eye.
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Re: Awareness
Post # 5
You're most welcome.

It may sound really "fluffy" but at one point I actually blamed magic for this. The doctors were telling me there was no reason they could find, for the swelling min my head and all over my body. Said it was something you see after a car accident not just out of the blue. The debilitating migrains, confusion and hallucinations had me freaking out. I deleted one account after another, till I discovered the cause.

No one should have to suffer with constant pain and fear. This is not just me dealing with it, but thousands of woman whom have had to lose their uterus, and minds just to get them out.

I am dedicating an altar in my home, for prayers, candles etc to help these women, along with being proactive.
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Re: Awareness
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Awesome post, thanks, that was a great read!
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Re: Awareness
Post # 7

This was not meant to be "a good read". It was a post designed to bring awareness of what myself and thousands of other women are suffering through, thanks to a medical device. It was put up in hopes that people would read and possibly sign the petition, not as a means of entertainment

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Re: Awareness
By: / Novice
Post # 8

I'm sorry to hear that the problem bothering you was going unnoticed, i remember how much this affected you. I'm glad you have had the will to educate others on the matter.

I will definitely sign the petition! and see that my family knows this.

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Re: Awareness
Post # 9

Since I am still going through a living nightmare over this, along with tons of other women I thought I would share the group for any women who have had essure placed, and any whom wish to show their support. It is a closed group meant to bring awareness and talk about problems with essure. Though they accept most women and some men.

Inform yourself. Inform others. And most of all, whenever making any life altering decision in regards to your body, do research first. Check multiple sources and ask around.

I know you only get one advertisement on here. I don't care if I used it on this instead of for my shop. Please do all you can to support and help these women. It is insane what some of us are going through. Till it got put on the news, most of them were being told it was all in their heads and essure could not cause all this.

For me it has caused miscarriages when I should not be able to get pregnant, Idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Systemic allergic reaction. Lowered immunity. Severe weight gain. Severe depression. I lost my marriage, my son, my home, I cannot work. I know I come across as a healthy happy person most of the time. But in all honesty it takes every ounce of strength I have to make it through each day. I have to take massive amounts of pain killers to get out of bed and move. I will be facing at least two more surgeries to get the rest of the coil bits out of me, and possibly a lifetime of pain from scarring. I am not even the going through the worst in my group.

I have always been the kind to do anything I can to help others. Any out there whom feel the same, or feel for what I am dealing with, take a moment of your time to go show them some support. Or if you prefer not to be in the group, go on their site. Inform yourself and share this with others. Even if I only help one other woman from ruining their life with this device, all my effort is worth it

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