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keep it real
Post # 1
Hey am new to all of this and I would just like to know if the spells does work for real?
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Re: keep it real
By: / Novice
Post # 2

There is a large percentage of the spells on here that do not work, but there are some that are fine. Use common sense while looking through them. It something seems too good to be true or breaks the laws of nature, then it probably won't work.

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Re: keep it real
Post # 3
Most spells don't work,most of the spells that don't work are largly fluff transfromation spells and also spells which seem to give you something impossible (wings,mind control,etc.)

Remember if a spell doesn't work for you it is usually because it's either: fluff,your power is too low or its simply not the right spell for you
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Re: keep it real
Post # 4
The belief is that magic is a natural energy that we can utilize to help us through spell casting. You need to study and understand this natural energy does have limitations, and it is not an instant change which manifests before your very eyes like in popular culture. Magic effects the energy around us to bring the change, whatever it may be. You cannot defy nature, so if you are planing to cast a spell to, lets say, grow wings, don't assume all magic is fake because that spell cannot work. As humans it is not in our nature to have wings, so magic cannot do this. If you want to attract love into your life and cast a spell, this is far more likely to work since you are sending out a beacon to the Gods/universe you want to meet someone. The spell then works to create the opportunity for you to bump into this special someone.

Overall, magic works similar to prayer, you focus and ask for something. Don't be upset because magic isn't as amazing as it is portrayed in shows, study, try a few, and draw your own conclusion. Just don't rely on magic to solve all your woes either. Its to help when things are rough, not to make life easy or perfect.
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Re: keep it real
Post # 5
Most spells dont work.there may be mistakes while casting them
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