removing curse

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> removing curse

removing curse
Post # 1
I seem to have a curse put on me that I need guidance in removing. Can someone help guide me on specifics as well as for a healing? Thank you.
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Re: removing curse
Post # 2
It won't affect you if you don't believe
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Re: removing curse
Post # 3
Some say burning salt helps
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Re: removing curse
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: removing curse
Post # 5

Although I do believe worrying over a curse can make it stronger, I do not believe thatnot believing means you cannot be effected. That is like saying not believing in negativity means it will not effect you.

One of the best things you can do is cleanse. Take a bath with sea salts or even a shower, rubbing yourself from head to toe with the salt, visualizing all unwanted energy washing down your body and through the drain, like a nasty sludge or dark water. Visuslize the clean water flowing out of the faucet into your body removing impurities and healing any damage.

If you know the person that cursed you, you could attempt to send the negative energy back to them. This could be done visuslizing a mirror in front of you, and it bouncing off the mirror at them.

You could direct the energy from said curse into a stone such as hematite or obsidian. Both are good at absorbing negatitivty. Afterwards, bury it in the ground for the earth to absorb and transmute.

By any chance do you know what was done to curse you? Knowing such thing would be benificial to the curse removal. There are many things you can do, but I personally feel that doing a reversal of the actual spell that was done works best.

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Re: removing curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

firstly a curse only works if you believe on it.Your own fear makes it worst.

till now many people have creased me(yes by the weird people around when I walk by the road)

people said that their curse really works but I never believed on them and I'm still save and happy.

the point is do not believe on it

but if you can't help yourself you can try cleansing yourself

and cast a protection spell for future.

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Re: removing curse
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Ere Nexus, it is quite true that negativity has an effect whether or not if it is believed;because negativity is a reality. A curse is a belief, and can only be effective if one believes that it can. A curse would have absolutely no affect on me! I don't believe in such rubbish.
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Re: removing curse
Post # 8

Normally I would just agree with you Bry, as most often I feel you are correct.

But what exactly is a curse? Focused and directed negativity. Though we can choose to overwhelm negativity with positivity, it does not make it non existant.

Technically all magic is belief. Yet it still effects those that do not believe in it. For most of my life I believed that if we do not believe in "the dark side of magic" (please excuse my use of this annoying label) that it cannot effect us. This is how my mother raised me. Yet I got to learn firsthand that curses can effect us regardless. I suffered some pretty extreme symptoms and hallucinations as a teen due to workings a woman did with my personal stuff. I did not believe in it and thought I was losing my mind. An elderly practitioner in my area picked up on what was happening and helped me to reverse the effects. All symptoms left me that day, even though I continued to not believe.

Believe whatever you choose. I am not here to try to change anyone. But just because you choose to live in ignorance over belief does not negate the fact that others can effect us whether we believe they can or not.

I am just trying to help someone that does believe they arw being effected by a curse.

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