Seeing a dead person

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Seeing a dead person

Seeing a dead person
Post # 1
My mom has died 6 years ago. My depression over her has come back again, and I was wondering if there is any way to see a dead loved one. Or do just get over it without seeing her?
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Re: Seeing a dead person
Post # 2
I dont want to sound like the downer type of person but ive been trying for about a year to do something like this and its hard to do.
Ive made a spell I think. Its still in a working stage as I have yet to try it out but id be happy to try to help you
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Re: Seeing a dead person
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
You can only "see" the dead by memory. (and photographs!). While ever you remember your Mum; and "see" her in your Mind's eye, she is still with you. Meditate whilst remembering; you will "see" her!
As the poem says,"Remember me when I am gone!"
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Re: Seeing a dead person
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Talk to a psychiatrist or grief councillor to try and come to terms with your loss. You could also try meditating with a picture or use her favourite perfume/scent. If you believe in spirits, you could try calling on hers, but after 6 years she could of crossed over.
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Re: Seeing a dead person
Post # 5
It is hard to deal with depression and grief at times. Counceling, meditation, aromatherapy, and sometimes just a good old cry it out session can help. Try to focus on the good times you had, when it really hits you hard. Your mother would not want to see you sad from her loss. And remember, you are not alone. Eventually we all lose someone in life. Life is not meant to be eternal.

There are many ways you could try to speak with her. Meditation, prayer, or with a medium or tool such as a spirit board. I personally prefer meditating for this. I often think of my grandparents or my friend that I lost. When it gets to be too much I remember a few encouraging words from them, and focus on that for a meditation. Or simply recreate them through strong visualization. It is my way of keeping them alive in memory, and helps to calm the grief. Blessings to you. It will get better in time
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Re: Seeing a dead person
Post # 6
Sorry for your last CharmBoxMage.
I lost my Mom unexpectedly a good few years back. I wasn't there for her when she past a way because I live in a different country. was missing her like crazy also I felt quilty. My father tried to make me feel better but didn't really worked. Was meditating was doing lots of reading, picked up extra shift at work..I start working 7 days a week just to keep my self busy. Nothing really worked.
I knew it I need to see her and talk to her.
Somebody was recommending a Medium.
I went to see her..YES saw my mom, only the face but I saw it and I felt it she's there.
I was able to ask questions and I get the answers .
It was a life changing experience. Since that day Im in peace and I was able to let her go.
This medium in Toronto area. I don't know where you live but if you ever wanna contact her P.M. Me and I give you her contact information.(phone number and website ).
Blessed Be!

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