i dont get it

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i dont get it
Post # 1
I have always been that child who belived in everything supernatural. I get that feeling that im going to be able to do somthing bigger in life, not just a normal girl in this world. I have alway had this abillity to feel when something bad is gonna happend with the people that i love. When im in the nature i feel alive, i feel free from all the problems, i could just stay there for many years. I so this side and i tought maybe, in a way i was a witch or something else. I tried many spells, but non of them are working. But i feel strong when i do them, and it just feels right. Non of this make any sense for me. I dont no what to do, I think of it 24/7. can somebody help me? I want to do be able to do something, I know I can!! just dont know what to do.
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Re: i dont get it
By: / Novice
Post # 2

It sounds like you are intiutive. Everyone has some level of intuition, but it comes easier to some than to others.

Before you do any spells, I would reccommend studying why magic works, some cultures you are interested in that incorporate magic, and just generally studying the types of magic you are interested in.

Feel free to mail me if you want to talk!

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Re: i dont get it
Post # 3
Sounds similar to my 'i need help' post. :) Well, i feel the same and your not strange or weird as the commands said on that, its ok to be different.. Magik needs time, time to vizualise, meditate, etc. If you wanna practice withcraft you have to know how it works.. You are born a witch, that means you have magic inside of you, and that also means you have your magic in your own hands, So, no spell is simple like just a one thing-thing, it needs practice.
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