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Glamour Magic
Post # 1
You see, I want to be a girl. but from what I have heard, magic cannot achieve that. so, I was wondering if there are any glamour spells to make people view me as female?
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Re: Glamour Magic
Post # 2
There is no magic that can achieve a change in perception like you are looking for. Gender is a state of mind, if you think and feel like a woman then people will see you that way. Some people are just too ignorant to see the truth staring them in the face.
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Re: Glamour Magic
Post # 3
Gender is a state of mind rather than appearance. But no spell can do that. I honestly believe spells can not turn you into vampires, werewolves, or make you fly. Spells and certain herbs can help with weight loss at something around that area. And it is mostly because it changes your state of mind into believing the spell is working. (that's just my point of view, sorry if it conflicts with yours) But the point I am trying to make is that spells cant do the things some people say they do. I suggest reading up on them, and learning which ones suit you. I hope this helped a little
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Re: Glamour Magic
Post # 4
Try a spell to make you feel more like a girl, and connect with your female energy :) I wrote a spell for just that purpose a while ago.
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Re: Glamour Magic
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Hey I'm transgender, so this is right up my ally.

While I am surependragin andLoveNature13 mean well, I beg to disagree with them on this. While gender is a state of mind rather than just physical appearance, being physically perceived as the gender you identify with is terribly important, especially if you have gender dysphoria. I'm also not sure why a gender glamoury is being likened to the impossibility of turning one into a vampire or werewolf, since glamouries have nothing to do with literally and physically changing your body - glamouries have to do with how you are perceived. While you will need to put effort into moving and sounding like a lady, a glamoury can definitely help adjust the energy around you so that you will be seen and heard through a more feminizing lens.

I'm prone toward candle magicks and mojo bags, so my base advice is to charge a candle or create a bag in a color you personally associate with femininity. As a Thelemite I am prone toward blue and purple as these are the colors associated with the Goddess Nuit, but a nice Venusian green could work well, too. I'd lean away from red since it is so strongly tied with fiery masculine energies as well as generic sexuality. Depending on if you're using a candle or a bag, either mark the candle with symbols you associate with femininity (if you belong to a particular magical tradition there are likely already symbols for you to draw upon), or fill the bag with gems and herbs to the same effect. Occasionally overlooked by new magicians, specifically add a number of sigils or items that is numerically feminine as well . Again drawing from Thelema, Nuit says that her "number is 11," so I would add 11 small pieces of moonstone, 11 tiny sapphires (magick shops will often sell tiny precious gems like these for just a few dollars - too low quality for jewelry but perfect for magick!), 11 apple seeds, etc. Though Leo is more a masculine sign, I'd also throw in a Leonine aspect as well since its energy is very much in line with glamouries and I've had a great deal of success working glamouries with Leo in the past.

I tend to activate my objects through prayer to God, and not a particular deity (though you are certainly free to work with the deity or other being of your choice). For mojobags I tend to rub them between my forefinger and thumb while praying, and for candles I mostly use 7-day candles and will pour a little oil in and pray as I twist the candle so that the oil circles the entire thing.

Good luck with your glamoury, and you go girl .

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