In Need of Help Please

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In Need of Help Please
Post # 1
Hello, I know I just started this site, but, I am here for a serious reason.
I hope anyone who reads this reads my welcome and profile first. I am a true spiritulist, I live & breath the way of life, all my life. But I am in need of serious help...

I am and have worked both sides of the white & dark in my life and either one is nothing to play with...

But I have no choice now.
Here goes.................................
My son, is in the Army, and my husband and I moved here to Ga, because my son wanted us close to him, because of our health, now we also raised our son spiritually, but,he met this woman also in the Army, and when hubby & I met her, we told our son, she would be a thorn in his hand, he could not get out, and he told us he was just going to date her, well my son went to Afghanistan, and when he came home, we had a beautiful townhouse waiting for him, and well after a lil while and I had to go to Pa, to help a family member, get out of a abusive relationship, I get home here, to find out my son moved her in, which I let it go, but when I saw day by day, that she would not cook, clean, but sit and play internet games, I said something to her and my son..Well long short, hubby & I find out they got married while I was gone, hubby & I look into it all spiritually, and she has done a job (spell) on our son, blinding him terrible....Now they have had a child a lil boy, now my son's wife, has not allowed my son come to see us or call us, in 6 months, and now we are not allowed to see the baby....
Now I know you are saying, what did she & her husband do for her son's wife take there son and now grandchild away.....
My daughter in law, does not like her mother at all, she could not wait to leave her mother and be with my son. So she believes my son does not need to see us, or the child, I have text from her that would blow your mind.....

"So what am I asking is for those who are serious with there spirituality... One can take away blockages & darkness & controlling, in numbers.... Meaning in numbers can be won...
If there is anyone who would help me, I will give you my phone number for you to call me, or give me yours and I will call you...I have never done this, come onto the net and ask fr help, but, this is serious, and I need help.....
I need for my son to call me & come back to me, and for me to see my grandson"
This is all I am asking for....
So please, I prayed before I googled, this site came up first..
Thank You
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Re: In Need of Help Please
Post # 2
Thank you so very very much
Many Blessings to you
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Re: In Need of Help Please
Post # 3
It is against site rules to give out personal information. I suggest you do not give out your number, for safety reasons.

This woman sounds like a handful :/ There are a few things you can do to get someone to contact you. A wish spell usually works for me to get someone to call. There are many out there. I personally use bay leaves. Write his name on the bay leaf with a marker, or better yet your blood (remember to be clean and safe for this) and for him to call. "__ call me" should suffice. Burn the bay leaf while visualizing the phone ringing and you answering, to find that it is him.

Others have told me to write the persons name and number on paper, setting it under the phone and doing the same visualization. I just prefer to use bay myself.

If you still have difficulty with this you could do a binding, to bring him to you, or bind her and him apart. I am not so good with remembering to check posts, so feel free to message me if you need information on either binding.
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Re: In Need of Help Please
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Since this is your son's wife and the mother of his child it seems to me that what is needed here is something to improve the relationship between yourselves and this woman, and between the woman and yourselves. If your son truly loves her than the more you speak ill of her or put her down then the further away you are driving your son. That isn't what you want, but it may be at the root of the problem you're having. Obviously her relationship with her mother wasn't the best, and now she sees the pattern repeated with you.

I'd suggest something such as a Honey Jar to "sweeten" the relationship between you and your son's wife. You need something to draw the whole family together with caring and love or you risk damaging it forever. Creating a happier, sweeter relationship might accomplish what you are seeking.

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Re: In Need of Help Please
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Wise words again from Lark. Usually, when this sort of situation arises, it is because the younger couple think the older couple are "interfering ". Leave them alone!
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Re: In Need of Help Please
Post # 6
Try maybe ebbing away at the energies supplying the spells, she, if she's really a magick user, won't notice a small ebbing. Do it, or a wish spell. Or just call their phone with a payphone or borrow a friends, or send him a letter with a dampen charm. I will be posting the spell for that shortly, it took much longer than expected, these might work, the one with the highest chance is probably physicaly with the payphone or letter, if you address it directly to him, she can't open it, even with magic. Also, have you done anything to deserve such treatment?
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Re: In Need of Help Please
Post # 7
I think I can help you there but you have to inbox me first.
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