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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Depression

Post # 1
So, I'm prone to depression, but no one knows. I've struggled with it for years, but it seems like every time I get out of it, I sink deeper the next time. Looking back, tje things I've been teiggered by seem fairly silly Ex: my friends hating me, me being an obnoxious know-it-all, my inability to help people on the news etc...
My question is, is there any excercises or meditation mantras you'd reccomend so that I can keep myself from going back into depression? I know spells probably won't work for this, but if you have any mudras, mantras or ideas, please share them :)


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Re: Depression
Post # 2

This music has helped me a lot during my own bouts of depression. Eating a well balanced diet, exercising and seeing a therapist if possible, is also beneficial.

Another good thing to try, is positive affirmations. It may feel silly at first but after a while it becomes second nature. Make a list of the positive things you see in yourself and read through it daily or when feeling down. Keep this list somewhere that you will see it so that it is not forgotten about.
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Re: Depression
By: / Novice
Post # 3
At least you can name it, which means that you can identify it as a problem that you can cope with.

Guilt is a natural reaction from doing something wrong, but shame can really get people paralyzed and not be helpful. So, if you've done something wrong to offend a friend, then either make amends (and if they truly are your friends, they won't make this so difficult) or recognize that not everybody is meant to like you and sometimes different personalities are not compatible.

The other piece is confronting the shadow. TheFourQueens on YouTube has some interesting videos about this. If you call yourself obnoxious, that's part of facing the shadow, but it's important not to become so ashamed that you cannot move forward from that: why is it bad to be an obnoxious know-it-all? Are you afraid of being considered ignorant or not worth attention? Where did that fear come from? Writing all these out in a journal can be helpful, if you can get in the state of mind where you feel safe in admitting the true and hurtful answers to yourself.

Despair is another matter, different from shame, such as when you feel that you can't help people on the news. When I figure that out myself, I'll be sure to tell you, but as you must already know it doesn't help anybody for you to fall into despair.

If depression begins to affect your body clock or appetite, though, I highly recommend you see a professional if psychiatry or psychotherapy. This doesn't mean that you stop with alternative treatments, I would just personally encourage having all the bases covered because depression can be so complicated. And from my personal experience with depression, it's a terrible idea that I've seen so many times where psychiatrists write up a prescription and then ignore everything else about the depression when medication would be more effective in combination with talk therapy or just finding a more supportive group of people to have in your life.

I hope this helps!
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Re: Depression
Post # 4
Thanks for the help everyone! Your tips and ideas were quite helpful :)
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Re: Depression
Post # 5
I created my own mantra, maybe you should too.
Actually my technique is a combination of self-programing, meditation and mantras.
Simply state things you want to change or achieve and repeat them like your mantra. I do this when I fell I need it during day and sometimes before sleep. But the key is calming yourself (like in meditation) and believing in what you say (for me it is very similar feeling as when I do visualization and spell casting - deep focus).
I find it very effective. If you have questions, feel free to mail me.

Blessed be :)
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