Emotions Drive Magick

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Emotions Drive Magick
Post # 1
How you feel and how strongly you feel while casting is what powers your magick. If you wish predict the potency of a spell, converse with yourself and how strongly you feel will tell you exactly how powerful the magick was. Say your emotions are murky and mixed up, it would be like filling you car up with watered down gasoline; it's not going to get you as far, and if not, nowhere at all. Yes one should separate disconnected emotions and enter what some would call a trance-like state while casting, but your magick is only as powerful as the energy you put behind it, so for the love of whatever you warship, put something behind it. Oh and just a disclaimer- i'm going to use a metaphor to describe this disclaimer. Magic is like getting into a fight, you don't need a reason to get into it, but it helps decide how your going to fight. The emotion driving your magick is like the rage driving a punch. If you let your rage get out of hand, it'll be easy for you to miss your target. That's where the candles and herbs come in. They're there to make you think and calculate where your punch is going to land and how your target is going to react. Everyone has their own fighting style so all have a different balance of emotion and thought. It is effective to be very strong, but without dexterity and planing, strength and size can lead to one's demise. Conversely, A complete lack of emotions and fantastic battle tactic and skill will lead to a lot of easy victories, but takes extended periods of training.

So what I'm trying to say is take the time to decide what balance of strength and dexterity will be required to defeat your opposition, because everyone fights differently.

To each his own, and this is mine. Please disclaim me, for I am young and ignorant, barely scraping at a hope of understanding. Just please tell me why I'm wrong if I am.
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Re: Emotions Drive Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I would say that you're partially right in your concept.

Emotions can certainly have an effect on your magic. Strong emotions, such as anger, can feed into the energy in a spell. But they can also detract from a spell-working and let it go awry. Which is why I was always taught not to cast a spell if I were in a state of high emotion as the outcome of the spell would be difficult to predict.

What one actually uses to power a spell is not emotion. Rather one powers a spell through gathering up the energies from ourselves and from the world all around us and focusing those on our desired outcome. This can, and I feel should, be done when one is calm and focused on the desired outcome and where one's intentions and visualization are clear and not distorted by emotions.

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Re: Emotions Drive Magick
Post # 3
I try to calm myself if I have too much energy, but when I feel like I don't have enough I sit and think about the task I hope to accomplish. When I go to cast it if I feel like I'm lacking energy to cast the spell correctly I take love into it. Love is great energy to use, and if you need more energy it's great. I find it a lot easier to use love in times that I feel I have a lack of energy in my magic. It's how I've learned to work with my emotions. I try not to let anger or sadness in to boost my power because I will feel them strongly afterwards. If you use emotions to help with your energy, just take it easy and use a good, positive emotion.
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Re: Emotions Drive Magick
Post # 4
Certain casting I drive energy to myself and to the ground. A very long night usually. Involving offerings, dancing and anything to bring energy forth and spread it to the direction I wish it to occur. After all is said and done. I end up grounding and cleaning my mess as well making offering to entities around me for the amount of energy I consumed or the noise I created.
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Re: Emotions Drive Magick
Post # 5
This may seem rude, but i don't fully agree with you.

1) Emotion's do drive magic. You need to know what you want to achieve, and your goals that you desire.

You can not just do magic, because your happy, or mad. You must need a valid reason, or in my opinion, at least.
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Re: Emotions Drive Magick
Post # 6
I don't find your disagreement rude at all. In my perspective and learnings, we're always doing magick weather or not we intend to. The fact of the matter is, I'm simply attempting to present my hypothesis "If emotions can give one strength and energy, then emotion may be manipulated and used toward magical goals", in a public manner. My goal in my postings is to cause opposing views to collide in a public setting to depolarize society trough understanding of polymerization. Would you be willing to further elaborate on your beliefs, or even disagree further and explain why?
Thank you.
Sincerely, Quinn
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