Feminine Energy

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Feminine Energy
Post # 1
Hello :)
As most of you probably know, I am a girl.
But I've been feeling very disconnected from my feminine energy, or "goddess energy". I've been kind of... Blah lately. If any of you have any tips or ideas for me, I'd love to hear them :)
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Re: Feminine Energy
Post # 2
One on my list is to eat dark chocolate, or drink natural cocoa unless you are allergic or have a medical condition that prevents you from doing that. It should lift the Blah feeling.

Have you tried crystals, rocks and herbs. Moonstone and/or a clear quartz crystal ball, or large pointed crystal on your altar will help. Believe it or not scrying into it or meditating with a clear quartz crystal may help too. You may wish to carry or wear a crystal point.

Try going outside and standing under the full moon and if you can bring your crystal and/or moonstone with you. I like to charge my scrying crystals by rubbing them with mugwort and holding them under the light of the full moon. That will serve to charge your crystals and get you in touch with your feminine side both at the same time. For some reason it always inspires me and lifts the Blah's.

If you drink tea you may want to use herbal tea with those herbs associated your astrological sign, water and love.

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Re: Feminine Energy
Post # 3
My advice be positive. Look in the mirror and smile. Express how beautiful you are. Trust me I have had this problem recently. You could eat chocolate and do as many things as you can but if you don't express the woman from you inside you will not feel a change. I agree look at the moon. But also sit under the sun. I like to find a signature scent, a certain color that makes me look bold but soft and mysterious. Get in touch spiritually with water and air. Listen to music that makes you feel good and sexy and beautiful. Don't be a toy for men either though. That will make you feel trashy more then feminine. Know yourself. You are graceful, beautiful, you are the light of the milky moon, you are the daughter of the beautiful goddess. Any questions girl just message me ;)
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Re: Feminine Energy
Post # 4
Listen to marian hill she will get you in that feminine mood
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Re: Feminine Energy
Post # 5
Thank you all so much :) I appreciate all the help! :)
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