Blood Moon

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Blood Moon
Post # 1
I was born on a blood moon and thought to myself could this be the reason why I'm a very violent, aggressive, person that's into witch craft and satan. I have noticed over time that I've had an obsession with the moon. Ide sit and stare also I feel as of I'm half animal could I have traces of werewolf? I dont know; ide love to know if this has anything to do with it.
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Re: Blood Moon
By: / Novice
Post # 2
  1. it is only called blood moon, has nothing to do with violence.
  2. werewolves dont exist.
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Re: Blood Moon
Post # 3
A blood moon is from the lunar solsis that happens when a lunar eclipse occurs every so often

It has absolutely nothing to do with anything supernatural force because NO such exists
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Re: Blood Moon
By: / Novice
Post # 4
A blood moon is also the name of the moon where animals are slaughtered [November I think] it's similar to saying you were born on the seed moon which explains why you like sesame seeds and gardening.

Second witchcraft isn't associated with the devil. [Satanism it depends on the branch I think] but the moon does not determine if you're evil, evil [like a sociopath] is a chemical imbalance which is before birth.

Finally, real magick is energy, early witches were more scientists or doctors [understanding plants and various agricultural tricks] what you see in movies is based on hearsay, myths, and superstition. There are no physical werewolves, you are not one.
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Re: Blood Moon
Post # 5
Werewolves don't exist however I do believe that the moon's gravitational pull along with the symbolism placed on a blood moon can shift the energies around you playing a role in influencing the structure in personality, especially one who is new this world. I was born on Halloween and always been interested in the paranormal but don't credit it cause many are born on that day and live life to norm status.
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