horned god

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horned god
Post # 1
Please note that I'm a newbie the horned god is said to be the son goddess and is said was to be sacrifice for the harvest and on sahmin he opens the veil of the living and dead so that the goddess may come to him I want to know if this is correct because that's my only general knowledge
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Re: horned god
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Grab a copy of The Witches God by Janet and Stewart Farrar to help you in your studies.

The Horned God [ignoring things like the Oak and Holy Kings and The Green Man] is the king of the forest/field. He is born on Yule, and as he grows he meets the Goddess, marries her, dies with the harvest so w. may live, and is reborn once again on Yule. Each holiday tells a new part in the story. Some say he is a sun God since his strength grows/weakens with the sun, but this is a newer concept I would choose to add to your path after some introspection.
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Re: horned god
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

"The Witch's God" and "The Witch's Goddess" both by Janet and Stewart Farrar are excellent sources of information about the Horned God who is honored in Wiccan practice.

The Horned God exists in a number of different relationships with the Goddess. At Yule the Goddess gives birth to him. By Ostara both the Horned God and the Goddess (as Maiden) are young creatures just coming to meet each other. At Beltane the young Goddess and the young Horned God marry and bring fertility to the earth. The Horned God reaches the pinnacle of his power at Midsummer after which his powers begin to wane as the days grow shorter. The God is cut down at Lammas and dies at Mabon, going into the Underworld to reign there until Yule. The Goddess, now as the Crone, continues to roam the earth weeping for her lost love. Then at Yule (as Mother, she gives birth to the new Horned God/Sun Lord and the cycle continues.

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