crystal ball activation

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crystal ball activation
Post # 1
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of an activation spell for the crystal ball? The spell I used was from here and the tools it used were a black satin cloth and a black candle. Now I have seemed to misplaced it. Or can't find it. Please can anyone advise me as I've just purchased a new crystal ball. In need of genuine help.
from white rider.
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Re: crystal ball activation
By: / Novice
Post # 2

This is the way i learned to do it.

Crystal Ball: The mirror of the universe, the T.V. of the ancients, the crystal that receives from all directions, and emanates in all directions as well. One of which becomes the most useful, as well as most enjoyed tool of the magician.. Having acquired the crystal through that which comes your way, one should cleans and purify it , by the elements. Place it in the ground for three days charging the ground to take all energies away. Then soak it in consecrated water for three days, purifying any left over energies, then run it through fire three times, consecrating it to the Most High, charging it to not allow any negative or adverse energy from entering therein, then blow upon it three times thy intent within the crystal. Having done that, one shall then invite ones Holy Guardian Angel unto it by saying the following prayers over it three times. (One shall simply say Holy Guardian Angel if you do not know the name of your Angel.)

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Re: crystal ball activation
Post # 3

I would personally cleanse the ball with a good sage smudge. To "activate" you could say a prayer or chant over it , designed to boost it's natural divinatory properties. You could charge it under the full moon, or even charge it with your own energy giving it the purpose of being your "eye".

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